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Update on the Movement

For over two years, measuring from the moment I realized that Ron Paul was not going to be the GOP nominee (April 2012), I have been working in secret on a plan for victory for the Liberty Movement.

It involves a book, a website and much more than I am willing to disclose right now.

The book is basically done and is being readied for publication. I am getting the website up and running. It is very primitive right now and it will remain a very simple site to use–simple battle plans are the best.

There is a Facebook page and twitter account.

Here are the links:



If it appeared that I quit the Movement in the last two years, that is not the case. I have been busier than ever but working behind the scenes to get this project started.

Stay tuned. Things will happen pretty fast from now on.

The Rand Paul Pipe Dream

Latest excerpt from my forthcoming book.

For example, the main political strategy in the Movement currently is this: get Rand Paul elected President in 2016. He will take office in 2017! With a presumably hostile Congress, maybe by the end of his term, circa 2020!, he will have rolled back the federal budget by five percent. (State and local government will continue to metastasize.) And even that scenario is unlikely given all the unlikely events that have to take place for it to happen, including his nomination (25% chance) and his election (40% chance). Thus, the bulk of Liberty Movement political resources will be squandered by a strategy whose initial premise, his actual election, has a ten percent chance of success. This is obviously a bad idea once properly defined and delineated.


I have been pretty quiet politically since the huge Ron Paul rally in East Aurora in 2011. I’d like to say since the Ron Paul campaign in 2012 but he did not campaign in WNY. I did help put his delegate slate together.

But the wheels did not stop turning.

I decided to shift my focus from WNY, which, has shown little interest in stemming its obvious and continuing decline and once again towards the national Liberty Movement.

This is my 35th year in the Movement so I am a bit more critical and impatient with our progress than many others who have come into the Movement more recently. Please keep in mind that I came into the movement long before the Ron Paul Revolution and mainly through Rothbard whom I knew. Rothbard taught me economics literally in a seminar on the history of economic thought in New York City in the 80′s.

I plan one more big push later this year. There will be a book, a website and two other ideas that I am not ready to disclose at this point. Forgive my cautiousness but it stems from hard experience.

Stay tuned. I will be posting excerpts from the book on my Facebook page.

Logo for

My new book (with the top secret title and content that will blow your mind–yes, I am a child of the 60′s) will also roll out a new website, A skeletal version is online which does NOT remotely reflect what the site will be shortly. However, the cool slogan and a hint of the new logo can be seen.

My ace, top secret (she’s a leftie) graphic artist from Manhattan is working on it. She designed my last two book covers. The idea for using a dove came from my 12 year old son whose main interest these days is jump shots (he’s really good).

As always it seems in the movement, I’m doing things on a shoestring basis so volunteers are welcome. Notice I didn’t say donations. I plan to make this project self-funded. (Yippee! I hear you all say.) Check it out.

It’s the Mindset

The Buffalo News story about the decline of Catholic Schools is just another reminder that efforts to reverse the long-term decline of WNY have failed. As I predicted in my first book, the Buffalo disease of big government has now gone national. The economic and cultural malaise is now nationwide. You can move to a slightly freer state but you cannot escape the ever-expanding federal government. It will follow you everywhere.

I tried a number of different tactics over the years, a think tank, supporting candidates for office, the Ron Paul Revolution, the Jack Davis tea party race. Nothing worked so I stepped back after the second Ron Paul defeat and tried to figure out what went wrong and what to do about it.

In my view, the problem with America is the kneejerk political mindset of the very large majority of its people, including most conservatives and Republicans. Until that mindset changes, we will continue to decline under the weight of government, ever-increasing in size and power.

My 4th book, which is about half done, will expose that mindset in great detail and propose some innovative strategies and tactics for combatting it. There will be a website to go along with the book. If you have expertise in website development and would like to volunteer to help, let me know. I don’t have a budget for it at this point so I can’t pay you at the present time.

Stay tuned.

Esmonde Column Shows How Government Creates Its Demand

Buffalo News columnist Donn Esmonde has a column today calling for an increase in the minimum wage law because the working poor cannot make it on the current minimum wage. Exhibit “A” for the progressive cause is a lady who almost certainly attended government school for 12 years, a fact not mentioned in the column.

Actually, many facts are left out of the article such as: the economy in this area is depressed because WNY has the most expensive government in the United States and this lady is heavily taxed and regulated as is her employer, all of which combines to greatly reduce her take-home pay. (Regulations are taxes on non-monetary wealth.) Also, the cost of everything she buys is greatly and artificially inflated by the government through taxes and regulations and because she is, in effect, forced to buy all sorts of things she could surely do without such as the war on drugs and various and endless Asian land wars (the list is truly endless but my time is not). (I call this the forced purchase theory of the state.)

Point being, this lady is poor in large part because of government policies, however, Esmonde’s solution is more government action. Thus, we have proven once again that government creates its own demand.

Another principle at work here is this. As pointed out in the Free New York publication, Economics in Five Lessons, in a free market, people are encouraged to produce wealth to improve their lot. In a mixed economy tending towards socialism such as ours, people are encouraged to produce force, that is government force in the form of an edict to employers, backed up by men and women with guns if need be, to raise their wages.

For ideas that would actually help the working poor, see this Free New York study.

Secondment Amendment Lawsuit Meeting Saturday

There will be a meeting to discuss the soon to be filed lawsuit against Andrew Cuomo to challenge portions of the NY Pistol Permit law and SAFE Act on Second Amendment and due process grounds.

Copies of the draft complaint will be available.

Saturday, December 7, 9-11am.

Family Tree Restaurant, 4346 Bailey Ave., Amherst NY, south of Sheridan, north of Main.

See you there.

Jim Ostrowski

Time to End Water Fluoridation

For many years, I have read an increasing number of reports about the negative health effects of water fluoridation.  Yet, I was busy with other matters and there was nothing I could do.  However, my guilt over allowing this toxic chemical to be intentionally put into my children’s water supply every day has gotten to be too much and I have decided to force this issue onto my already crammed schedule and fast.

Possible or probable ill health effects include:

Lower IQ and other neurological effects, damage to organs such as the pineal and thyroid glands, damage to bones, damage to teeth, and arthritis.

For more details, see this report.

I will shortly publish a petition to end water fluoridation in Erie County and elsewhere where there is citizen interest.

The petition will be presented to the proper officials, in this case, obscure authorities who control the water.

I sincerely hope that the various commissioners see the light and end this archaic practice.

Failing that, I will go to court to stop the madness and this will happen sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned and let me know if you want to be on my email list for updates on this project.

Jim Ostrowski


Defending the Second Amendment

I will be filing a federal lawsuit to advance the right to bear arms in early December.

One purpose of the suit is to educate people about the actual purpose of the Second Amendment, which has been distorted by the commie progressive left–natural born liars.

A press conference to announce the suit will be held in downtown Buffalo.

If you wish to be kept apprised of the progress of this project, let me know.