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At last, Change!

Obama bans candy cigarettes — and it only took 8 months to accomplish. Wow, change and efficiency in one fell swoop!

As of today, it’s illegal in the U.S. to buy or sell most flavored cigarettes.
However, the FDA ban does not include the most popular cigarette flavor: menthol. It does cover every other conceivable flavor, including candy, spice, herb, cola, fruit, and coffee flavors. The flavored-cigarette ban is the FDA’s first major anti-tobacco action since President Barack Obama signed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act in June. The law gives the FDA the power to regulate tobacco products. The law doesn’t let FDA ban cigarettes entirely. But Congress has stated that flavors make cigarettes more appealing to youth and increase their exposure to toxic substances.

Oh what to do?

A drug dealer facing the death penalty is raped and becomes pregnant while being held in a foreign prison. Oh dear, what should the pro-interventionist, anti-abortion, pro-death penalty crowd do? Clearly America must invade Laos so as to prevent this humanitarian tragedy. After we’ve brought the poor girl home and she’s had the baby, then we can kill her.

Nothing clarifies political inconsistency like having real life force on you the hypotheticals you refused to consider because they were too absurd.

The War on Drugs Is a War on You

My latest article is live at Campaign for Liberty -”The War on Drugs is a War on You

Here’s an excerpt:

The drug war is based on a repugnant assertion: that you do not have ownership over your own body; that you don’t have the right to decide what you’ll do with your body, with your property and with your life. The position of the drug warriors is that you should be in jail if you decide to do something with your body that they don’t approve of.

This is an abomination of everything that America is supposed to stand for. As long as this country continues the drug war, you are not free. At the root, then, those that force the drug war on you are enemies to your freedom.

If you are concerned at all about liberty, the economy, the Constitution and the power of the Federal Government — you cannot ignore the US government’s longest and most costly “war” — the War on Drugs.

Another Drug War Killing in Buffalo

To think that our forefathers fought a revolutionary war in part because of this kind of shameful behavior by the authorities. As a matter of fact I don’t think the redcoats behaved as barbaric as this with a writ of assistance. Cops in this country used to be civilized, they would knock on a door to serve as search warrant. Now they just dress up in paramilitary garb, smash through a door, terrorize a family and start shooting at their scary pets. “Shoot first, ask questions later” must be their motto. Buffalo’s finest adrenaline junkies at their worse. I guess they were just dying to play with their homeland security toys.
The ancient common-law principle of knock-and-announce is dead and the only evidence of a crime necessary for a no-knock raid is plain hearsay in these dark days.

Police shoot, kill two dogs during raid
Family says animals did not pose a threat
By Aaron Besecker

A South Buffalo family wants answers after police shot and killed two of their dogs during a raid Saturday, leaving blood puddled on a living-room carpet and speckled on the wall.

Police, who were looking for a drug suspect and narcotics, left the Indian Church Road home without finding any evidence or arresting anyone, according to residents of the house.