Give a Book for Christmas

How many times have you given or gotten a lame Christmas gift?

Here are three lead-pipe cinch gifts.

Government Schools Are Bad for Your Kids. The perfect gift for parents with kids under 5. Granted, oldsters are inclined to rationalize their decision to use the government schools but younger parents have an open mind. They will thank you many times in the coming years for helping to open their eyes to the horrendous nature of these schools.

Direct Citizen Action. The perfect stocking stuffer at $6. Ideal for tea party activists and libertarians. The first ever strategy manual for the Liberty Movement. It’s for people sick of talking and ready for action.

Political Class Dismissed. The book that helped spark the WNY tax revolt in 2005. An all-purpose guide to politics, history and economics. It’s everything you should have learned in college but probably didn’t. Ideal for all political junkies and students. An MD in New Jersey said it was the best explanation of a political machine he had ever read.

All three books have been well-received by reviewers and readers.

Government Schools Are Bad for Your Kids: What You Need to Know.

Endorsements continue to grow.


—Is at the root of the TSA silliness.

The notion that there is a governmental solution to every human problem leads to this kind of nonsense.

Government is the faith of the faithless but in this new religion, heaven happens now.

I’ve said this before–most of us will die in a nursing home or while sleeping or watching TV. Get over your irrational fear of terrorism. You have a better chance of being killed by a falling brick from the Statler Hotel.

The state thrives on fear and as Mencken pointed out, spends a great deal of time and effort making us afraid of ghosts.

I dissected the fallacy of utopianism in my book Political Class Dismissed. As the title suggests, it’s a political science class rolled into a book.

Pledge Controversy in North Collins

A pledge of allegiance controversy has broken out in North Collins. The details are hard to grasp but Christina Abt gives it a try here. Should each class say the pledge separately or be led by a higher authority on the PA system?

This is bizarre. In America, government was formed to serve the people. The people have rights. Government is a mere instrumentality. You can quibble about the meaning of the pledge but a fair interpretation is that one pledges allegiance to the state. How that squares with the goal of “liberty” for all has yet to be explained.

The pledge was written by a socialist in the post-Civil War years and I take it was meant to rub Johnny Reb’s nose in the dirt.

A “republic” in the best sense is a government formed by mutual consent to secure individual rights by exercising only delegated powers. As stated in our founding document, the people at any time may abolish the government so the notion that our Republic is “indivisible” is nonsense. And you want me to pledge to nonsense?

So here we are in the 50th year of our decline in WNY. In the land of the free, children are ripped out of their homes by the state and forced to attend daytime propaganda prisons run by the state that their parents are forced to pay for even if that leaves them penniless to pay for their own religious schools. And members of the local “tea party” movement are arguing that we cannot “let people get away with not saying the pledge.”

Folks, the purpose of the tea party movement is to vindicate the natural right to liberty. If you oppose that, maybe you should just stick with the Republican Party. They have done one hell of a job of destroying liberty ever since they took power.

In the meantime, I await the day when the state pledges allegiance to individual rights.

Tax Protesting is Bunk

I have been a close observer of the “tax protesting” movement for over 25 years. I finally declared war on this movement in a 2007 article on Its followers then tried to debate me on my blog and I beat them up pretty badly.

Their latest hero was Peter Hendrickson, author of Cracking the Code. First, an accountant was barred from preparing tax returns using the book, then the author lost his own civil case, then was indicted, now is in jail.

I hereby declare that my war against tax protesting is over. The movement lost.

What can we learn from this?

Much. Why did the tax protesting movement gain so many followers? Bottom line. People want an easy way out. They want to have fun. They want to be entertained.

Most activists don’t want to do the hard work that is actually required to create real change. I have found this to be true in the WNY tea party movement. When I proposed a plan for direct citizen action, I got virtually no response. People wanted to be entertained. They wanted the tried and true campaign process, not the hard work of persuading each parent to pull their kids out of government school.

People want to be told that if we only followed the Constitution, all would be well. They want a panacea. They don’t the hard slog through the Wilderness.

So, don’t laugh at the poor saps in the tax protest movement. You just might be one of them in your own way.

Sorry folks. The only way to change America is the Woody Hayes way: Three yards and a cloud of dust.

Cracking the Code Author in Jail

I just learned that Pete Hendrickson, the author of Cracking the Code in in jail on tax charges.

I had a debate with him and his followers a few years ago. Here’s a copy of my last post (Nov. 21, 2008):

One of the enduring features of the tax protest movement is that when one school of thought gets shot down, the movement simply says, Oh, that guy was wrong but so and so is right. They never give up on the basic flawed premise that taxation can be fought in the government courts funded by the same taxes they want to argue out of existence.

So it was that one of my tax protester friends said to me two years ago, yeah so and so (thrown in jail for tax fraud) was wrong but Peter Hendrickson and his book Cracking the Code really has it nailed.

I scanned his book and it made little sense to me and what I could understand I knew to be wrong.

Then, I had it out with his posse on this site and convinced none of them.

Finally, I found out that he himself had lost his own civil case! None of his posse bothered to tell me that even though they were contesting my grand thesis which goes: no tax protester has ever won a legal ruling on the merits from a federal court in 35 years, the entire life of the movement.

Anyway, I found out today the sad news that Mr. Hendrickson has been indicted (PDF).

I wish him well but even more fervently hope that the entire tax protest movement would convert to more productive ventures.

Here’s a mission for them right now. The tax revolt convoy to Albany to end the state gas tax!

Grassroots Rebels, Stay on the Ground!

My great friend Becky started this whole brushfire.

Grassroots Rebels, Stay on the Ground!

by Becky Akers

Wow, but the fur – and clothing, and screeners’ hands – are flying at airports, aren’t they? Yee haw! Christmas came early this year for those of us who hate the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), who have prayed for nine long years that the good Lord would smite it from the face of the earth, who can’t wait to take to the skies again once LaWanda and her porno-scanners roast in Hell.

Not that I want to look a gift-horse in the mouth (yet another reason the TSA will never employ me since its perverts eagerly peer everywhere), but might I ask what took so long? Those Americans willing to tolerate a stranger’s rubbing the back but not the front of his hands over your body, enlighten me: why does a warrantless search violate your liberty, dignity, and modesty now, but a year ago, as you stood coatless, shoeless, and spread-eagled, it was merely an inconvenience – or, far worse, the price we paid for “security” and a “free” society?

The TSA has eviscerated liberty, dignity, modesty and everything decent since Day One. And before 9/11, it was the FAA conducting the massacre: recall that its high-flying dictators mandated checkpoints for rifling our luggage and forcing us through magnetometers without warrants. Remember ticket agents interrogating us about whether we’d packed our own bags (“You know, ma’am, hmmm, I think I had the upstairs maid handle it this time”), again per the FAA’s imbecilic dictates? And no, none of this approaches the TSA’s utterly incredible sexual assaults, but anyone who understands government could have discerned the embryonic bureaucracy and its abuses lurking in the FAA’s stranglehold. A people that allows the State to impede their travels with silly questions and unconstitutional searches has no logical argument against such lunacy’s going naked.


The Progressive Fascists are Alive and Kicking

Buffalo Green Code

Mayor Brown is hoping to implement a new “Green Code”, progressive speak for telling you how to live.  He has drafted lifestyle code developer Camiros LTD.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • Government deciding what assets are worth saving with your money.
  • Telling you what type of building you can build on your own property.
  • Making the use of an automobile as inconvenient as possible so you are forced to use public transportation that is already subsidized at a rate of nearly 80%.

In short, more restrictive zoning regulations are being proposed to turnaround a City suffering from over-regulation and over-taxation.  The net result will be urban flight at a rate unseen since forced-busing was instituted.

There is a simple solution.  Abolish the existing restrictive zoning and licensing requirements.  Lower taxes.  People will then invest in a revival that truly meets their needs.

HT Marc Odien

The Phony War on Earmarks–from LRC

Is the Ban on Earmarks a Bait and Switch?

Posted by James Ostrowski on November 16, 2010 07:45 AM

The war against earmarks is fun to watch. The newbies in the tea party movement are so excited they discovered the war against big government two years ago that they fail to realize it’s been going on for decades, even centuries. God forbid they listen to the folks who have been in the trenches for years. They apparently think that by banning earmarks, they will end pork barrel spending. No, they will, as Ron Paul has pointed out many times, simply allow the President to pick the pork projects. Of course, Congress will still be involved in this selection process but now there will be no record of it. It will all be done on a wink and a nod behind closed doors.