Response to Rus Thompson–Updated (Parts 1-4)

Part 1

Rus Thompson sent out a press release the other day that got picked up by some national media websites that printed it without any fact-checking.

He has also popped up on local radio. Here’s Roll Call and Politico.

His releases related to the Tea Party candidacy of Jack Davis. I am the Davis campaign counsel.

Suffice it to say, Rus and I must live in two different worlds because the world he describes is unrecognizable to me.

I will try to respond to each point he made with specific factual rebuttals.

Responding to Rus’s many misstatements of fact and half-truths is very tedious but it must be done and in the end, I believe this dialogue will greatly aid local tea party activists to understand the controversy.

I also believe that this discussion will convince many skeptics of the absolutely crucial importance of electing Jack Davis to Congress on the Tea Party line.

Since these issues were not resolved last year, they have continued to fester—so I am committed to discussing these issues to the satisfaction of any reasonable reader. The hacks and haters of course are not amendable to reason. Expect them to pop in and toss around lots of gratuitous personal attacks.

A quick note to the reader. I was involved in the tax revolt and the tea party movement from the very beginning. I attended the very first event of each movement. So you are getting a view of these movements from an eyewitness on many of these points.

First, Rollcall’s headline reads: “Tea Party Leaders Ask Davis to Exit N.Y. Special Election.”

Rus is a self-appointed leader. He has not been elected or appointed to any leadership position that I know of. He founded TEA New York without consulting anyone but his wife Jul and Carl Paladino to the best of my knowledge. In my opinion, he did so as a vehicle to run for the state senate against Antoine Thompson. (I will try to specify whenever I state an opinion that I cannot prove.) Why did he not simply continue to work under the auspices of Primary Challenge? Again, an opinion, it’s hard to have two compulsive office seekers under one roof.

To the best of my knowledge, NONE of the local tea party groups have formal bylaws or formal boards or formal members. I have advised the Tea Party Coalition to adopt formal bylaws but, being a bunch of volunteers, not hacks with lots of time on our hands, we have not gotten around to it yet.

Rus seems to imply that TEA New York has a board. Who’s on it? Who put them there? So many questions, so little time. Continue reading

Budget Failure in Albany

Total New York Debt - click image for updates

Cuomo’s budget is being described as “historical”.  The 2% reduction from last year’s budget actually amounts to eradicating a pimple on the ass of an elephant.  The budget does virtually nothing to address the debt, at least $120 billion that already exists.  Spending caps are put on failed programs, education and health care, with no real reforms that address the problem of increasing costs.  The result will be even more failure in those areas.

The icing on the cake is yet another economic development scheme.  A scheme to spend your money to aid development.  How many times do we have to witness failed development bureaucracies?  They are great if you are one of the politically connected corporations benefitting from this corporate welfare fraud.  $130 million in legislative pork spending was preserved as a quid pro quo for Cuomo to create his new Regional Economic Development Councils.

Cuomo’s budget might sound good, but making a pile of shit smell like a rose is the one thing government actually does well.  This budget is nothing more than business as usual in Albany.

Update:  More Corporate Welfare

Western Europe admits Multiculturalism is a “failure”


Multiculturalism has “totally failed,” says German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“State multiculturalism has had disastrous results,” says Britain’s David Cameron.

Is multiculturalism a failure in France? “My answer is clearly yes, it is a failure,” says President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Ex-Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar has declared multiculturalism a failure in Spain, saying it divides and debilitates Western societies.

Only in Canada and the U.S., it seems, is the issue still in dispute.

Exciting news of the near future…

As we read this month about how Hollywood is re-editing politically sensitive content from the remake of Red Dawn, it is nice to know that the content of books will soon be as easily edited due to centralized control of their content. Look for a new edition of The Fountainhead, one that avoids slighting the architectural heritage of Greece and Italy, to appear soon in your favorite digital bookstore, right next to the “N”-free Huckleberry Finn‘s.

Tea Party Coalition to Host Candidates’ Night for Congress

Tea Party Coalition of WNY

Allen Coniglio, Chair
(716) 812-2400

Tea Party Coalition to Host Candidates’ Night for Congress

Buffalo, NY. March 9, 2011. The Tea Party Coalition (WNY) will host a Candidates’ Night for the special election for Congress (NY-26) on Monday, 7-9pm (March 14) at Brennan’s Bowery Bar at Main and Transit Rd. in Clarence, NY (4401 Transit Rd.).

All candidates considering entering the race will be invited to speak and take questions from the audience. The event is free and open to the public.

Libertarianism and Cooking

Being a libertarian means valuing the ability to live your life, making mistakes and enjoy your successes.  Unfortunately, the government restricts that right in many areas.  One place that we have total freedom, so far (at least in NYS), is the kitchen.

Today, I was looking for a fast, flavorful meal.  Minimal prep was a requirement.  The meal pictured here fit the bill perfectly.

This meal packed a punch when it comes to flavor and was easy to make.  Add a salad, some crusty bread and red wine to complete the experience.

I used Zatarian’s Jambalya rice as the base and topped it off with Gambas Al Ajillo (Garlic Shrimp), a Spanish tapas recipe that is quick & easy.  I didn’t have Cognac or Sherry on hand, but made do with some Brandy.

I love to cook and I like to experiment in the kitchen.  Not everything I make is a winner, I’ve made some pretty horrible food.  However, the lessons I have learned from my horrible food have proved invaluable and led to some pretty tasty dishes.

The point of all this is, if people are not allowed to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes, they will never learn how to take care of themselves.  We live in a society with a government that has “provided” so much for so many people, that those people do not know how to live.  In my book, that robs people of their humanity.  The theft of their humanity is only equaled by the theft from others to provide from them.

Jack Davis for Congress

I have joined Jack Davis’s campaign for Congress as an attorney concentrating on ballot access. I have long wanted to challenge the machine in a special election and this is a great chance to do so.

Jack is a friend of mine and a long-time supporter of the WNY tax revolt/tea party movement. I recall that he attended the 2005 Free Buffalo Taste of Freedom.

He is quite libertarian on a variety of issues and he can’t be bought by the machine and he won’t be a toady of John Boehner in Congress.

Jane Corwin is a nice lady but is not want the country needs right now in a time of crisis.