Economic Salvation – Obama Style

This is the man, V.P. Joe Biden, that President Obama has charged with forging a consensus opinion to enable our economic salvation.  Obama’s plan is doomed to failure.  Consensus plans are built on compromise and pragmatism, not exactly the princples you want followed when making decisions affecting the economy.  In short, we will all lose as Biden takes a snooze.

The Republican Party and Planned Parenthood


Because of the awesome organization Live Action using Ostrowski-ish Direct Citizen Action, pro-lifers actually started a movement towards defunding government subsidized Planned Parenthood. Of course the souless, pro-death, lying Republicans are starting to glom onto it but Laurence Vance at LRC asks a good question:

Planned Parenthood received government grants and contracts of $305 million (34%) during fiscal year 2005-2006. During this time we not only had Bush the Republican president but also a Republican majority in Congress. Yet, Planned Parenthood was still funded.Why wasn’t the Republican Party that concerned about abortion when clinics affiliated with Planned Parenthood performed 264,943 abortions in 2005?

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Response to Rus Thompson–Part 6

This part will be short and sweet and will cover the rest of 2009.

The details are critical though.

After the very successful July 4th rally, we grew concerned about keeping people engaged and giving people in the movement something productive to do. The problem was that Primary Challenge, which was supposed to be the political arm of the movement, was busy with a truly zany project to Abolish New York State Government.

Like virtually every other activity of PC, Project 2010 was a total failure. In any event, Primary Challenge recruited no primary challenges for Erie County Legislature in 2009. Thus, I proposed to the various groups and individual activists that we form a Coalition and endorse and support candidates. Thus, the formal name of the group, Tea Party Coalition was born.

I won’t go into the extensive efforts the Coalition, including many “rogue” members made in 2009 to interview, endorse, support and raise money for the five candidates we ultimately endorsed. It’s a matter of record. BTW, we held one work session at Club W, whose owners first joined the movement at the very first tea party event in February, 2009, attended and co-organized by three “rogue” members. Dave DiPietro organized and paid for several town hall events where our endorsed candidates appeared.

My point is this. PC was not doing its job and the Coalition stepped in and very diplomatically started doing their job for them. No good deed goes unpunished. My mistake? I should have told PC off back then. The conciliatory and diplomatic approach obviously failed.

Now, since we endorsed five candidates who were previously endorsed by the Republican Party, two conclusions can be reached. First, Rus’s allegation that the Coalition wanted to start a third party is once again shown to be utter nonsense. Second, we saw in 2009 that playing nice with the party gains you nothing. They were happy to take our help and proceeded to reward us in 2010 by “taking us out at the knees” and plotting to marginalize DiPietro, Coniglio and me.

Granted, that’s a panoramic view of late 2009 but the points have been made.

Now, onto the critical year of 2010 when TEA GOP snatched defeat from the jaws of a glorious victory for the tea party movement.

Tea Party Coalition Endorses Jack Davis for Congress

Tea Party Coalition of WNY

Allen Coniglio, Chair
(716) 812-2400

Tea Party Coalition Endorses Jack Davis for Congress

Buffalo, NY. April 5, 2011. The Tea Party Coalition (WNY) will formally announce its endorsement of Jack Davis, Tea Party candidate for Congress (NY-26) on Thursday, April 7th from 7-9pm at Brennan’s Bowery Bar at Main and Transit Rd. in Clarence, NY (4401 Transit Rd.).

“We are happy that Jack Davis has chosen to run on the Tea Party line and has embraced our platform of constitutionally-limited government and drastic federal spending cuts,” said Coalition Chair Allen Coniglio.

The Tea Party Coalition, which operates throughout Western New York, was founded in 2009 and has endorsed and supported candidates in the last two elections including the first-ever Tea Party line candidate in State history, David DiPietro (State Senate-59th).

The event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.


Please stop by for some pizza and beer on Thurs.
Jim Ostrowski (Davis Campaign Staff)
BTW, Dave DIpIetro and I abstained in the vote.

Response to Rus Thompson–Part 5

Parts 1-4 are here.

Now let’s talk about that “rogue tea party group”, the Tea Party Coalition of WNY.

This post will be kind of long because I want to start tying things together and reach a conclusion.

Rus is wrong in implying that the TPC just popped out of nowhere in 2010, proposed some zany ideas, and then virtually disappeared, leaving just me, Allen and Dave as generals with no army. That is all false.

The TPC had its roots in an idea I had proposed many times over the years of the WNY Tax Revolt (2004-2008), a Populist Roundtable. Here is a post from 2005 proposing such a meeting.

Alas, I don’t think we ever got it going until late 2008. The idea was not to create a new organization but simply to have people from the various groups meeting monthly to stay in touch and coordinate our activities. My desire to unify the movement goes back to the very first meeting of Free Buffalo where Primary Challenge was given half the program to promote its mission.

Allen Coniglio, BTW, also was an early proponent of having all the groups work together.

(People who listen to TEAGOP propaganda are surely perplexed at this point at my history of trying to have all the groups work together and cooperate.)

Anyway, veteran tax revolt and tea party activist Roy Scherrer and I were talking in late 2008 about the need to get back to rallies after too many years of relying on the web. We agreed to plan for one large rally in the spring of 2009. What we didn’t know was that the Tea Party movement was about to explode. When it did, we were thrilled. It meant that our local Tax Revolt movement was now being nationalized, which would raise our credibility locally. Frankly, the tax revolt had run out of steam and we needed the boost that joining the national tea party movement would bring.

Now, the goal was to have one huge tea party rally in the spring. We scheduled a Populist Roundtable meeting at Plaka’s in Kenmore to plan such a rally. Many local activists were involved.

(Unlike some groups I know, I try to be inclusive when planning events. I try to find out what other activist want to do as opposed to simply issuing fait accomplis. At the first meeting of Free Buffalo, I presented the plan for Free Buffalo and asked 300 people what they thought. It was only after three events with attendance of 1100 that we fully launched Free Buffalo.)

At the meeting, I proposed having a tea party rally on April 18th. Not the 15th during the day because that would produce a poor turnout, but Saturday when working class people could turn out.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the meeting was to agree on a date. One member of Primary Challenge objected, stating that a rally was already planned for March. I thought to myself, well, this roundtable idea worked, for about two seconds.

We never could agree on one date so what I call “tea party rally inflation” was born. Its mother was ego and its father was personal agendas. However, a compromise was reached. We would have a state-issue rally in March and a federally-focused rally in April. The Tea Party movement was national and primarily concerned with the out of control federal government so I wondered why the focus on state issues. Why? Mainly because Rus Thompson wanted to run for state senate so who cares about working with the national movement?

In any event, I supported, heavily promoted and spoke at the March rally and then proceeded to work on the April 18th rally with a great committee that had been formed which included TPC board member Tony Matuszak and Roy and many others. I asked Jill Sinclair, a newcomer to the movement to coordinate the event. Since I have no interest in running for office, I felt no need to hog the cameras and believed it was critical to bring in new people to take critical roles in the movement.

When I found out that yet another rally was planned for April 15th, I reached out to its coordinator and urged her to join forces with us and not to divide our forces. Ego prevailed, however, so there was a small rally that day just before our very large event on Saturday. The next week, the media began to ask, what’s with all the rallies and who are all these groups? We began to look disorganized. All I can say is, I tried.

Another annoying thing was that while Rus agreed to support our April 18th event as we had supported his, even before our rally was held, he started to promote yet another of his state-type rallies. Yikes.

Again, let’s get right into this issue. One huge mistake we made in the movement was to allow chronic office-seekers to assume leadership roles. Rus and Lenny Roberto were always running for something–13 times between them with no victories–and always pursuing that personal agenda often to the detriment of the movement.

The bottom line was that, instead of having one huge rally in the spring that might have ignited a populist revolt in WNY, we scattered our forces in the face of a superior enemy and had a bunch of smaller rallies, the largest of which was April 18th when about 500 people showed up.

Here’s where this rogue group comes in–at the Tea NY event on May 9th. The announcement for that event listed exactly two people, Rus Thompson and Carl Paladino. Sure enough, tea party rally inflation had set in and attendance was mediocre. I saw Allen Coniglio at the rally and we discussed the need to unify the groups with one large rally on July 4th. Actually, Paulette Peterson, Exec. Dir. of Free New York got us together as I recall. Allen and I then met at Spot Coffee with four other activists including Tony Matuszak and Paulette and Dave Hand of Primary Challenge. We agreed to have one large rally on July 4th and invite all groups and leaders to speak. We may not have called it that just then, but the Tea Party Coalition was born! I will never forget that day and the vicious sunburn it brought. I was the first volunteer to arrive that day with a car load of equipment. It was a glorious day. I try to avoid making crowd counts myself but I asked a liberal Democrat who attended to estimate the crowd. She said “700”.

Some rogue group. Stay tuned for Part 6. The finish line is in sight. Don’t miss it.