Breaking News: Going to school increases your chances of graduating!

I am going to preface my remarks with a statement – How stupid are people becoming?  Both bureaucrats and voters.

Not unexpectedly, the knee-jerk response to the school attendance problem is spending more taxpayer money.  Have any bureaucrats and/or school officials, or even the media, questioned the relationship between entitlement programs that provide all necessary means of support, and sometimes more, with the lack of incentive for students to go to school?

I don’t think so.

Throwing more money at the problem solves nothing and harms everyone.

U.S.A. – The Uniform Surveillance Area

The Police State is upon us in full force. We have police roadblocks that stop innocent people for interrogation. A ride on the Metro Rail is liable to necessitate passing through a checkpoint and be subjected to a search. Flying on an airplane has become a very tedious process, complete with invasive pat-downs. Walking or driving down many streets in the City of Buffalo involves being under the watchful eye of government surveillance cameras.

I purpoely avoid flying, due to the invasion of privacy. I would never submit to the gestapo-like checkpoints occasionally encountered at the Metro Rail stations. Now, I am seriously reconsidering plans to buy a boat. Boaters are increasingly becoming subjected to searches by government agents.

“We’ve had customers tell us that they’ve been stopped and boarded by three or four different police agencies in one afternoon,” said Patricia Van Camp, who owns the Big Catch Bait & Tackle Shop on Niagara Street in Buffalo with her husband, William.

The Ali G Riots

Historian provokes storm of criticism after remarks during a televised discussion about the riots on BBC2′s Newsnight. David Starkey claims ‘the whites have become black’

Starkey further explains himself.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that my remarks on this subject produced especial outrage. I was accused of condemning all black culture; of using white and black culture interchangeably to denote “good and bad”, and of saying that blacks could only get on by rejecting black culture. Actually, I said none of those things and nothing that I did say could have been construed as such by any fair-minded person.

Instead, I was trying to point out the very different patterns of integration at the top and bottom of the social scale. At the top, successful blacks, like David Lammy and Diane Abbot, have merged effortlessly into what continues to be a largely white elite: they have studied at Oxbridge and gone on to Oxbridge-style careers, such as that of an MP.

But they have done so at the cost of losing much of their credibility with blacks on the street and in the ghettos. And here, at the bottom of the heap, the story of integration is the opposite: it is the white lumpen proletariat, cruelly known as the “chavs”, who have integrated into the pervasive black “gangsta” culture: they wear the same clothes; they talk and text in the same Jafaican patois; and, as their participation in recent events shows, they have become as disaffected and riotous.

My Remarks Introducing Dr. Ron Paul in East Aurora (Buffalo) on Friday


My Remarks Introducing Ron Paul in East Aurora (Buffalo) on Friday

by Jim Ostrowski

August 5, 2011

Don’t you love the smell of Revolution in the afternoon!

Before I begin, I need to make a public service announcement. To be fair, there is a Mitt Romney rally today in East Aurora. It’s in the phone booth down near the abandoned railway station.


Seriously, Romney has no grassroots supporters. If he scheduled a rally in East Aurora on three days notice, he’d be up here talking to his five paid consultants standing where you are.

Seven years ago, Western New York woke up from its 100 year old progressive slumber and began a Jeffersonian movement to fight big government where it was strongest—New York State. The movement was made up people who refused to leave New York but chose instead to stand and fight the political class. Western New York became the front line in America’s war against big government.


As we predicted, the Buffalo disease of Big Government quickly spread nationally under President George W.–Obama so it is too late in the day to flee to Virginia or North Carolina. You can run but you can’t hide from the federal taxman, the banksters and the regulators. They will find you. You must stand and fight!

Two years ago, the movement that started in Western New York called the tax revolt spread to the entire nation under the name “Tea Party” and we of course embraced it.

Today, we have the honor of welcoming to the front lines the commander-in-chief of our army of liberty—Dr. Ron Paul, the undisputed leader of the Liberty Movement in America.

It’s been tough on the front lines and we have lost some battles and sustained many casualties but we are tough. Our fathers and grandfathers fought the Second World War and our sacrifices pale in comparison to theirs but some of their toughness is in our genes as well. They too lost some early battles but knew they would win so long as they had a dedicated army in the field that refused to lose. And I can see from this turnout that the Liberty Movement has a very strong and very dedicated army in the field.

In recent days, Dr. Paul once again stood up for liberty against tyranny by opposing and exposing the phony debt limit deal that taxes our children and grandchildren to pay for the fraudulent campaign promises of FDR, LBJ, Bush and Obama. That deal showed that all the efforts of the tea party movement that resulted in the GOP taking control of the House were for naught. These bums who used the tea party movement for power have been unable to eliminate a single federal program, agency or department.

That leaves the tea party movement with only one realistic goal—the White House. Does anyone here think that the country can survive a second Obama term?

If Mitt Romney is the answer, I want to know what the question is. Which presidential candidate looks like a soap opera star and talks like a used car salesman?

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the straight dope, only two men can win the Republican nomination, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney but only one of those men can beat Barack Obama. Don’t nominate another sacrificial lamp to the sacred cause of liberalism such as Bob Dole or John McCain. Only Ron Paul can stop Mitt Romney from losing to Barack Obama.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. It’s time to restore the idea of individual liberty as our guiding principle. It’s time we elect the first Jeffersonian president since Buffalo’s own Grover Cleveland who fought his own fight for sound money, free markets, limited government, peace and civil liberty. The time is now to elect Congressman Ron Paul the next president of the United States!

Breaking News! Ron Paul in Buffalo on Friday!

I just learned that Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), candidate for President, will be the guest of honor at the Tea Party Coalition’s previously scheduled Rally on Friday in East Aurora from 4-7pm. Please come and thank Ron for his heroic opposition to the phony debt limit deal.

This Friday, Aug. 5th from 4-7 at the American Legion Post in East Aurora, One Legion Drive, East Aurora, NY.

More details here.