Vote for Ron Tomorrow (NY, PA, etc.)

Believe it or not, the GOP presidential primary is tomorrow. The media is pretending it’s not happening. They lie and say that Romney has it clinched. But even Fox admits that Ron Paul will probably win Iowa! And Minnesota. Thus, the delegate counts that the MSM uses to tell the big lie are wrong.

So please remember to vote for Ron Paul tomorrow.

Is he a long shot? Yes. Has Romney mathematically won? NO! Don’t believe the lies.

Romney is the designated loser against Barack “Wall Street” Obama. He cannot win since the Libertarian candidate will siphon off about 5-10% of the vote. But if Ron Paul is the nominee, the LP candidate will get 100,000 and be a non-factor.

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This could be the last chance to stop Obama.

Only Ron can beat him.

Don’t waste your vote either on that self-described “progressive” Gingrich.

The Great Mencken on the Odious Progressive Veblen (Mencken does it so you don’t have to)

Professor Veblen

by H.L. Mencken

From Prejudices: FIRST SERIES, 1919, pp. 59-83. An expansion of Prof. Veblen and the Cow, which appeared in the Smart Set for May, 1919, pp. 138-44, and made a considerable pother. The events dealt with in this essay seem far away today, and perhaps a bit incredible, but they deserve to be recalled, for another and even more preposterous Veblen may be on us tomorrow. On the advent of the New Deal in 1933 some of the wizards at Washington tried to revive him, but this time he did not take and was soon forgotten again. I never met him, but years after 1919 I heard from some of his friends that my onslaught had greatly upset him, and, in fact, made him despair of the Republic. He died in 1929

BACK in the year 1909, being engaged in a bombastic discussion with what was then known as an intellectual Socialist (like the rest of the intelligentsia, he succumbed to the first fife-corps of World War I, pulled down the red flag, damned Marx as a German spy, and began whooping for Woodrow Wilson and Otto Kahn), I was greatly belabored and incommoded by his long quotations from a certain Prof. Thorstein Veblen, then quite unknown to me. My antagonist manifestly attached a great deal of importance to these borrowed sagacities, for he often heaved them at me in lengths of a column or two, and urged me to read every word of them. I tried hard enough, but found it impossible going. The more I read them, in fact, the less I could make of them, and so in the end, growing impatient and impolite, I denounced this Prof. Veblen as a geyser of pishposh, refused to waste any more time upon his incomprehensible syllogisms, and applied myself to the other Socialist witnesses in the case, seeking to set fire to their shirts.

That old debate, which took place by mail (for the Socialist lived in levantine luxury on his country estate and I was a wage-slave attached to a city newspaper), was afterward embalmed in a dull book, and got the mild notice of a day. The book, by name, “Men vs. the Man,”1 is now as completely forgotten as Baxter’s “Saint’s Rest” or the Constitution of the United States. I myself am perhaps the only man who remembers it at all, and the only thing I can recall of my opponent’s argument (beyond the fact that it not only failed to convert me to Marxism, but left me a bitter and incurable scoffer at democracy in all its forms) is his curious respect for the aforesaid Veblen, and his delight in the learned gentleman’s long, tortuous and (to me, at least) intolerably flapdoodlish phrases.

There was, indeed, a time when I forgot even this—when my mind was empty of the professor’s very name. That was, say, from 1909 or thereabout to the middle of 1917. During those years, having lost all my former interest in Socialism, even as a species of insanity, I ceased to read its literature, and thus lost track of its Great Thinkers. The periodicals that I then gave an eye to, setting aside newspapers, were chiefly the familiar American imitations of the English weeklies of opinion, and in these the dominant Great Thinker was, first, the late Dr. William James, and, after his decease in 1910, Dr. John Dewey. The reign of James, as the illuminated will recall, was long and glorious. For three or four years running he was mentioned in every one of those American Spectators and Saturday Reviews at least once a week, and often a dozen times. Among the less somber gazettes of the republic, to be sure, there were other heroes: Maeterlinck, Rabindranath Tagore, Judge Ben B. Lindsey, and so on, and still further down the literary and intellectual scale there were yet others Hall Caine, Brieux and Jack Johnson among them, with paper-bag cookery and the twilight sleep to dispute their popularity. But on the majestic level of the pre-Villard Nation, among the white and lavender peaks of professorial ratiocination, there was scarcely a serious rival to James. Now and then, perhaps, Jane Addams had a month of vogue, and during one Winter there was a rage for Bergson, but taking one day with another James held his own against the field.

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Ron Paul in Upstate NY Thursday



Jim Ostrowski
Ron Paul delegate cand. NY-27
(716) 435-8918

Buffalo, NY. April 15, 2012. Ron Paul, the chief obstacle to liberal Republican candidate Mitt Romney, will speak at Cornell University on Thursday at 7pm. Because Ron is the only Republican candidate for president who can draw a real, unpaid, crowd, reservations are recommended for the 4500-seat venue.

The media has falsely reported that Romney has a lock on the nomination but in truth NO ONE knows how many delegates he actually has or how many Ron Paul has. This is thanks in part to the GOP’s absurdly complex delegate selection rules that vary from state to state.

The liberal media, which is in the tank for their hero, loves to report that Romney is the nominee because they think, correctly, that he has little chance of beating Obama.

Recent polls show Ron Paul has the best chance of beating Obama. Obama’s consultants are believed to be terrified of running against Ron Paul because he polls best where Obama is strong.

“Poor” Man’s Book Tour

For the first time since I published Government Schools Are Bad for Your Kids, I will actually have time to promote it in the next few months.

I am available for media interviews and book signings in WNY (further away if my expenses are covered).

I think it’s time to shift the Liberty Movement away from electoral politics and toward direct citizen action. That’s what the book is all about. Oh yeah, it’s also true: they are bad for your kids!
(716) 435-8918

Red and Blue and Broke All Over


In a just world, Charles Goyette would sit atop the radio broadcasting industry as one of our most preeminent political radio personalities, where Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Mark Levin would be fetching him coffee and the latest issue of The New American (TNA) magazine.

Goyette had a long and illustrious career in radio, where he promoted his views on limited government, individual liberty, and Austrian economics. Unfortunately for him, having viewpoints that run deeper than the talking points forwarded from Karl Rove can be a liability in a broadcasting world dominated by political pundits who march to the tune of the Republican establishment. His fatal mistake was being a principled conservative during the budget-busting, nation-invading Bush years. Talk radio is not known for being friendly territory for independent thinking. Goyette stood firm on his traditional conservative stance regarding both the immorality and idiocy of foreign wars for visions of global democracy. His reward for such disobedience was dismissal. Much to the chagrin of the neocons, Goyette did find work elsewhere and broadcasted his views for a few more years. Podcasts of some of his later interviews can still be heard over at More….

Ron Paul Should Take the LP Nomination

It has always been my position that Ron Paul should try to get the GOP nomination and, failing that, run as an independent. The only practical way to run as an independent is through the Libertarian Party due to ballot access obstacles created by the power elite.

(I assume here that sore loser laws don’t apply or could be challenged in court.)

My reasoning is simple. America is in dire straights and electing Mitt Obama will make things worse. They are in agreement on virtually every major issue that has caused our decline. Romney has no chance to beat Obama anyway, so in my view Ron Paul running as the LP candidate at least keeps hope alive.

I do believe that Ron can win as an independent though it would be very diffcult. There is no scientific way to prove me wrong regardless of how confident you might be that I’m wrong. (Would you bet your left arm that I’m wrong? No. You wouldn’t!) Every historical moment is unique so past history simply does not apply.

It is virtually impossible at this point for Ron to win the GOP nomination, however, he should continue in that attempt and accept the LP nomination on May 5th. (If there is a legal issue here, let me know.) Walter Block has expatiated on that point with his usual acumen.

To the extent that the Ron Paul campaign is in it to win it, he must run 3rd party to keep that goal viable. To the extent his campaign seeks to educate the public and expand the Liberty Movement, again he must stay in the race to advance those goals.

My sources tell me that Ron can have the LP nomination for the asking.

I join my fellow Liberty Movement veterans Walter Block and Justin Raimondo in urging Ron Paul to continue the race as the Libertarian candidate.