Which Tea Party US Senate Candidates Are for Abolishing Federal Agencies?

I’m very disappointed in the federal tea party candidates. The NYT has identified 138 of them and their list appears to be accurate.

I will in the coming weeks be reviewing platforms.

Let’s start with the Senate Candidates.

Joe Miller–Senate–Alaska. His website does not mention the abolition of any federal agency that existed before Obamacare. He is accused of wanting to abolish Education but the evidence for that is sparse.

Ken Buck–Senate–Colorado. His website does not call for the abolition of any federal agency that existed before Obamacare.

Christine O’Donnell–Senate–Delaware–ditto.

Marco Rubio–Senate–Florida–ditto

Sharron Angle–Senate–Nevada–ditto

Pat Toomey–Senate–Pennsylvania–ditto

Rand Paul–Senate–Kentucky–ditto but there are reports that he favors abolishing the Dept. of Education.

Mike Lee–Senate–Utah–ditto but there is a veiled reference to possibly abolishing Education.

Ron Johnson–Senate–Wisconsin–ditto.

I will follow-up with phone calls to each candidate but I don’t expect these results to change much.

So what the hell is going on? A movement whose core ideology is radical has a bunch of candidates whose vague platforms seem designed not to offend anyone. Experience shows that candidates tend to slipslide away from their bolder promises to cut the size of government after they win. But these people have already slipslided away during the campaign.

We are on target for 1994 again when many voters thought they voted for smaller government but all they got was a change of rulers.

I guess this confirms my last two books that basically said that electoral politics was not the way to change America.

Update: All candidates have been directly contacted to confirm my research. None so far has contradicted my conclusion.

32 thoughts on “Which Tea Party US Senate Candidates Are for Abolishing Federal Agencies?”

  1. When Joe DioGuardi was interviewed by the Ontario County Conservative Party he was asked about abolishing the Fed. His response was not an affirmative stance.

  2. I was trying to think of some zippy response to these “revelations” that are also becoming more apparent even in the evening news, but best I could come up with is: Ron Paul remains my hero…

  3. Jim I am with you all the way on the obejctive. But cutting spending is the most difficult job there is – we all hate Big G but no one knows how to beat it. To do it you have to jump in the weeds, the details (and none of us are good at this). It takes something like many base closure commissions applied to everthing the govt does to get going and take the high ground. “Abolish the agnecy” – they will just laugh it off because people are rationally ignorant about govt. “Abolish” actually plays into the hands of the Big G advocates.

  4. I watched a little of one of the Conway/Paul “debates” and had to turn it off. Rand continues to disappoint. Even when asked a second time about specific cuts, the best he could do was complain about waste and earmarks. If a politician says he’s going to get rid of waste, fraud and abuse, laugh at him and walk away. And Rand needs to review the lesson his dad tried to teach Russert: Getting rid of every single earmark would not reduce spending by one dime.

  5. sgp… Joe Dioguardi as some sort of Tea Party candidate? Makes sense, since he’s the brains and money behind Clinton’s war in Kosovo. He had our government arm and fund the KLA, a drug trafficking, child abducting, human trafficking terrorist organization trained by Osama Bin Laden and World Islamic Front.

    I tried to bring this up at a DioGuardi meet and greet, but was escorted from the venue by people who know me and would normally have defended me had not their tea party collective mentality taken over… sorry… their neoconservative collective mentality.
    The funny thing is, I wasn’t even trying to grill him on the more horrible aspects of the KLA, I just wanted to ask him where in the constitution is given the authority to get involved in Kosovo.
    These people have become a joke.
    The only true Tea Party people are Ron Paul constitutionalists. And they seem to all be running on the Libertarian line this year. When they do run as Republicans, they get Debra Medina’d by Glenn Beck.

    And Jim…what’s with Lenny Roberto being such a Paladino guy? What a waste of Lenny’s talent.

  6. I get a kick out of conservative candidates saying they will eliminate waste, fraud and abuse.

    I translate that: “I will get these damn liberal programs working well.”

    Bullshit! Abolish them.

  7. David, I will be addressing these issues in great detail in the coming weeks.

    For now, I have grave concerns about the tea party movement that I have been part of since Feb. 09.

  8. Well, my local “Tea Party” is in love with Dioguardi, so if you can get me an article better than William Norman Grigg’s 1999 “Danger, KLA in the USA” before the election, that would be great. How a guy who opposed all of Reagan’s reforms and was a major lobbyist to the Clinton Administration became a Tea Party candidate is a head scratcher for sure. I think most of this is due to Glenn Beck’s brainwashing of these people into just “being good citizens” and having 5000 Year Leap book clubs, instead of actually doing something productive.

  9. Yes, James, I’ve been rolling my eyes for years at the “waste, fraud and abuse” line, but your recent LRC Blog post further refined my thinking, as those tidbits so often do. The Republicans/conservatives/Tea Partiers are indeed admitting that those programs are fine and dandy so long as they get to run them. BTW, a few years ago I got out my calculator and went to the OMB web site. I left the revenue in Bush’s budget untouched, but only included expenditures that are authorized by the Constitution. If there was any uncertainty I gave them the benefit of the doubt and left it in. Result? A $1.5 trillion surplus.

  10. Bill, I suppose at one end of the spectrum there is the abolishing of entire departments that we would prefer, and at the other end is the “fiddling around the edges” that Ron Paul often criticizes. Would it be fair to say that you propose something in between? The fact that they laugh is a strong argument for education as the solution rather than having principled people jump into the cesspool of politics. If we can get the laughter to be less and less automatic – and I think we are – then we’re getting somewhere.

  11. I think thats right. Since people do not know much of anything about the Dept. of Education. They get scared when you say abolish it. But if you say look we have gone through the place ranking and scoring all programs and we can cut 40% and still find plenty where the benefits are far less than the costs then you can gain the “high” ground. I could be wrong but I think we need to appear and be as “expert” as possible to win the propaganda wars.

  12. Thanks for all the comments.

    I LOVE this line:

    “having 5000 Year Leap book clubs, instead of actually doing something productive.”

  13. The earmark issue can be translated into–

    Stop spending federal money on pork projects that ARE NOT FEDERAL!

    Eg, a bridge across the Buffalo river inside a city. Nothing federal about that.

    Federal means interstate or with a foreign country.

  14. One more thought about education, if I may bore you good folks a bit more. Would that I live to see an abandonment of the fixation Americans have on speaking and debating ability. I’m not good at public speaking and “thinking on my feet.” In a debate, I’m sure I would think of all sorts of snappy comebacks – in the car on my way home. Never mind his ideas or what he has written, any candidate who can’t come up with an immediate 30-second zinger off the top of his head will put the country in peril, I suppose. “Hell, Ferlin, if he’s president and a terrist beats him in the debate, they’ll have us all speakin’ Eye-raynian!”

  15. I could have sworn Rand has stated he wants to eliminate the Dept .of Ed and others. I guess Im wrong. Thats a shame I really love him and still do.

  16. I think Rand Paul is toning down campaigning on some specific issues because his opponent Jack Conway is a total sleaze and will distort anything he says into some fear mongering campaign to scare children and seniors.
    What do you think of an AG that is willing to resort to slander and heresay?

    Rand has said that the Dept .of Ed is a failure but stops at stating on his website that he want the feds out of regulating homeschoolers.
    Other than that he wants the U.S. to defund the IMF & World Bank and make funding of the UN voluntary so the US can stop funding evil UN programs.

  17. Jim,

    I’m not kidding about that. It seems to be the primary activity of these groups around here.

    Maybe you can share that line with LRC Blog for me.

  18. On the VERY DAY that the Republicans issued their phony “Pledge to America” with the promise to obey the 10th Amendment, reduce government, and cut spending: (1) they vote 187-24 for HR 5756 – the “Training and Research for Autism Improvements Nationwide Act” ; (2) they vote 170 to 1 (Ron Paul) for HR 1745 the “Family Health Care Accessibility Act of 2010″ ;(3) they vote 140 – 31 for HR 5710 “National All Schedules Prescription Electronic Reporting Reauthorization Act of 2010″; (4) they vote 165-5 for HR 3199 “Emergency Medic Transition Act of 2010″.

  19. Analysis of Republican “gimmicks”:
    (1) “Fight Waste” – like when 6 people have to approve my use of overnight mail and instead we spend $ 7000 of labor rather than $12 on overnight mail. The government will spend millions to save a penny!
    (2) “Term Limits” – e.g. Frank Murkowski gets replaced by …mmmm…envelope please …. Lisa Murkowski
    (3) “Balanced Budget Amendment” – so Sonia Sotomayor gets to enact a National Sales Tax
    (4) “Appoint a commission” – self-evident cop-out nonsense

  20. Seriously? Of course they’re not going to abolish federal agencies or cut government spending! To advocate such a thing would mean almost certain electoral defeat. They’d be branded as nutty kooks by the mainstream and the majority of voters would run away from anyone who challenged their notion of “something for nothing” gubmint. That’s why politics is a big waste of time for anyone seeking to reduce government power. Didn’t you write a book all about this?

  21. Thanks for reminding me.

    Yeah, Patrick, but people needed a demonstration project.

    After Nov. 2, when the lesson starts to sink in, I will roll out a serious direct action plan.

    David, another favored activity is to wave a copy of the Constitution around as if that will change anything.

    What is needed always is STRATEGIC thinking, which in the book that Patrick references, is defined as YOUR PLAN FOR VICTORY.

    The Constitution FAILED to restrain government growth so evidently, something else is needed.

  22. Thomas Jefferson revealed the problem in the Declaration of Independence:

    “All experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

  23. Dear James Ostrowski: I feel your frustration at the severe limitations of political action (bordering on futile) and with most of the “Tea Party” folk. I haven’t yet read your last two books saying that electoral politics is not the way to change America, but I have two practical suggestions for action to reduce the power of the PTB that require no organization, just personal action: 1) file your taxes next year the way I did, and compel the IRS to do for you what they did for me, namely refund everything withheld from my pay for the last two years, including medicare and social security “contributions.”
    2) If you have a mortgage of recent vintage, stop paying. Chances are very good that those collecting the money have no legal claim to foreclose (goodbye payments, hello deed). My website has details on (1), including scans of my US Treasury checks from the IRS, and will feature my progress on (2) shortly.

  24. PS–it’s not just the money, it’s a question of whether or not we are willing to stand up for the rule of law, or let criminals rule us by default. If we know the law, it will work in our favor (as it has for me). Follow the money, put the criminals in jail, and rescue the world’s financial system from destruction. It sounds outrageous, but I’m not alone in making it happen. Courts are finding for homeowners nationwide, and the IRS has returned almost $11 million so far to those to whom it legally belongs–because they have to. I learned the fascinating truth about income taxes in America here: http://www.losthorizons.com.

  25. Maybe when the media starts asking candidates for their budget plans, instead of irrelevant stuff, and people start voting based on that (if we ever get one from any candidate, and that includes all the other candidates) then we’ll get specific cuts. Until then, statists don’t want to provide any proposed budget, as any cut will create enemies of those whom it affects.

    Obama being a president isn’t as dangerous to the republic as those who voted for him. Seems there are more who want the safety of using government to live off of others, than those who want dangerous freedom.

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