Nick Langworthy Tries to Repeal the Peter Principle

Rumor has it that Nick Langworthy, the incompetent GOP Chair in Erie County, wants to be elevated to state chair. However, the Peter Principle states that people rise to the level of their own incompetence. Nick is already at his level.

Let’s quickly review his year.

He backed Jim Domagalski for Volker’s seat. Jim lost in spite of spending a quarter of a million dollars.

He talked Jill Rowland out of beating Brian Higgins so that sure loser Roberto would run.

He was unable to get Carl a speaking gig at the state convention and Carl got few votes there. Camp Paladino have convinced themselves that this wasted trip to NYC helped Carl. Huh? Much money was wasted and the sucking up to the GOP machine contradicted what should have been Carl’s populist message of FU to the machine.

Now, let’s look at Nov. 2nd.

All statewide candidates lost, including four backed by Nick: Carl, Donovan, Wilson and Townsend.

Supreme Court: four losses out of five when Nick was offered two freebies.NOTE: THE BOLDFACE PART IS DISPUTED SO LEAVE IT AT LOST FOUR OF FIVE.

Congress: Roberto lost badly in a competitive district.

State senate: Quinn lost in a crucial race.

Grisanti ahead narrowly but given little support by Langworthy.

Worst of all, instead of working with the tea party movement, Langworthy went to war against it. Right back at ya Nick.

Instead of Langworthy, how about the Niagara County Chair, whoever that is, for state chair? After all, it was Niagara County that elected Grisanti (apparently).

Update: Add Corwin to the list.

26 thoughts on “Nick Langworthy Tries to Repeal the Peter Principle”

  1. How about the Chautauqua County Chair. After all, it was Chautauqua County that gave us a real class act in Greg Edwards. Too bad he had to hang his hat with Paladino.

    Langworthy was too busy being the shadow of Paladino and Domagalski, but then it is always about currying favor with the money people, rather than backing the good candidates.

  2. Jim-
    You make it sound like you were part of the Judicial cross endorsement discussions. Offered 2? Really? And just when should we allow party bosses to choose for the people? Speak of what you know Jim, which appears to be very little.

  3. Just what I heard. But it doesn’t matter. He lost four of five.

    BTW, I called for the abolition of the judicial convention system in 1977. The notion that hacks like Langworthy choose our judges should give you butterflies in your stomach.

  4. Last time I checked Langworthy supported several TeaParty candidates Jim. Carl, Lenny and Jill were all TeaParty candidates strongly embraced by all of the larg reform groups (groups of >20 or more – as in larger than your 4-6 member group). When you are up against a 2 and 3 to 1 deficit, party wise, your odds are slim to none (Higgins a competative race – wow put down the pipe man the crack is frying your brain)- yes the two major parties do matter. The money spent on Jim D and Quinn was horribly wasted and a post election review is needed – lessons learned. Langworthy bucked the machine and we were not stuck with limp Lazio type candidates – if we are going to lose we should at least go down fighting and we did just that. If Langworthy had not been a patriot and taken an extreme risk by bucking the entire rest of the GOP we would have been saddled with Lazio-Cuomo race and we all would have stayed home. Carl set the barr high and now Cuomo must perform – he has been setup by Carl for an Obamanation like fall. As taxes rocket up with deficit he will crash.

  5. Jim,

    Just to clarify, Do you want primaries for Judicial candidates to function the same way as primaries for County Court or Town Court judges?

  6. Mike, your type is well known in politics. I’ve seen it a million times. You start out as a reformer and slowly become part of the machine.

    I saw how many people your little club had at Carl’s rally after the boat tour–about ten. I had ten people there myself just from my family.

    Your high water mark was your candidates night where, minus candidates and their hangers-on, you had about 100 people, and that was with Carl as a draw.

  7. Mike Madigan needs to go and post his rhetoric at TeaGOP, where they belive the blarney he spews.

    Langworthy/Domagalski & Paladino could have cared less about anything TEA related, except for how it could be used to their and the GOP’s advantage.

    The real TEA candidates Rowland/Roberto & DiPietro got screwed. All Rowland and Roberto received from Langworthy was the Republican Endorsements. We all know what DiPietro received, a knife in his back from Paladino and TeaGOP(which Madigan particpated in)

    Langworthy has his game plan, which is his eye on being the State Chairman. Go to Illuzi’s site, where many of his posts have been info. from Langworthy. Illuzi is already working that State Chair plan for Langworthy.

    I believe in Karma and am glad that Paladino and all of you fake TEA people got what you deserved. Your TeaGOP group thankfully couldn’t get the 50,000 votes. Poor Rus Thompson can’t be head of the TaxPayers(another part of the master plan), he will just have to keep driving Paladino around to make a living.

    I love when Karma happens.

  8. I’m a proud member of the TEAGOP!

    The negativity and destructive acting out from Jim-Dave-Allen is sad to observe. repeat after me: Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

    Once you realize you can’t control others, regardless of how hard you try, the sooner you will find peace and serenity. Currently you are fighting against yourself and once you realize this and stop this destructive behavior life will get much easier.

    Best regards;

  9. But telling the truth is not a negative. It’s a positive.

    And your side refuses to face facts. Instead, you smear personalities. It’s a nice tactic since how does one rebut another’s subjective opinion about someone’s persoanlity?

    So, we will stick to the facts and you folks can keep hiding from them.

  10. BTW, the comment about “control” is pure “reaction formation,” accusing others of what one is guilty of.

    Like, not releasing the votes of your so-called convention and overriding that vote by a self-selected committee.

    Are we ever going to know what the vote was? How long has it been?

    I have never heard of a convention that didn’t IMMEDIATELY announce the votes. That’s “control.”

  11. Wow Mike Madigan just made a breakthrough. He admitted he is a proud member of TEAGOP. Baby steps there Mikey.

    I’m just glad Jim, Allen and Dave have strong knees, cause that Rus Thompson/TeaGOP plan of taking em out hasn’t quite worked.

    Maybe while Rus is driving Paladino you can be walking Duke.

    Karma gotta love it!

  12. Doug, I agree Rowland,Roberto,& Dave did get screwed royally by the GOP & Langworthy Boy Wonder. He is young & has to grow a set. I doubt that will happen. I witnessed him shunning candidates he felt less worthy.
    Kudoes to Jim O for fighting the good fight for Dave & being victorious against the NYC Cuomo goons (lawyers), that was a big deal. When Collins endorsed Paladino why didn’t he endorse Roberto & Rowland? That was a disappointment as was the knife to Dave’s back when Carl endorsed machine protege Domalgalski who folded. As far as the name calling leave that to the left, don’t let them infect the rest of us. There were so many little victories let’s revel in those and move on to the next fight, 2012.

  13. Collins declared war on the tea party movement when he endorsed Domagalski. He needs a primary next year. He fancies himself the next GOP candidate for governor. Yawn.

  14. Jim, you are right Nick Langworthy and his stupidity have cost the seats of Quinn and Dipietro. Now we have 2 democrats instead. Carl running against Cuomo was the dumbest idea ever. If he wanted real change he would have run against Higgins. I personally hope Hochul runs against Collins she would clobber him and no one can say she hasnt done a good job running the DMV like a business.

  15. I am a proud member of TEAGOP. Restoring a 2 party system that represents “We The People” and not the party, lobbyists and special interests is a key objective. I lean strongly to the right and therefore TEAGOP is accurate.

    Carl’s great legacy is a well developed network statewide of autonomous grassroots reform groups – Carl was the catalyst that was needed to develop this strong communication network that will grow even stronger in the coming years.

    There are over 30 well developed groups that are now very active with another 70 or so in the development stages. This is the beginning and not the end of this movement and Carl’s candidacy pulled these groups together.

    Great potential future leaders of these Grassroots groups have stepped forward as well…… unknowns 9 months ago who had no clue their level of involvement in the pending process both in Govenor race and many other local-state races.

    we are planning our next steps now – Key objectives are: Elimination of gerrymandering, term limits and addressing the media propaganda issue. for media issue a state wide focus here is needed targeting community leaders, advertisers, and citizens support to reform and get more balanced reporting/eliminate propaganda by monopoly newspapaers and network news – if not addressed now we will have bigger issue in 2012 election – we must make this a state wide effort.

    The fight has only just started – wasting energy bickering is silly, ego driven and highly dysfunctional and those that do will be sidelined by those focused on functional efforts.

    We should all take a deep breath, recognize the great battle we were just in and the fact that we did have victories in several of our early skirmishes even though we were trounced as well- now we must look at the wins and loses and learn from these and apply these learnings to the pending larger fight that is coming in 2012……

    Never quit!


  16. Hold on, Hold on. Mike, are you really saying that your grassroots network in New York that managed to pull in just 34% of the vote in the biggest wave election in over half a century is going to make New York competitive in the Presidential election of 2012, when Obama voters actually show up to the polls. Your organization proved to be pathetically ineffective against Cuomo, what are you really going to do against Organizing for America. If New York is competitive it won’t be because of your little network of Carl Cool-aid Drinkers, it will be because Obama has already lost all hope in 45 other states.

  17. Errors were made this round – big errors that can’t be denied that impacted the results. Carl has created a network and we have learned from this first round – we will have a bigger impact next round as we further develop what has been created. Anyone who thought this would all be fixed overnight was delusional. This will require many years and elections – education and acivism is key.


  18. This is a very telling phrase from Madigan: “I am a proud member of TEAGOP. Restoring a 2 party system that represents “We The People” and not the party, lobbyists and special interests is a key objective. I lean strongly to the right and therefore TEAGOP is accurate.”

    He actually admits that TeaGOP is accurate. These people have so little brain power that it is no wonder that everything was lost under their “direction”. Everything that was touched by the Paladino gang turned to dross. Further on, he admits that “errors were made – big errors that can’t be denied”. Yes, the errors were the whole bunch of you doing underhanded things to eilminate people you considered competition from the local tea party movement. You people are a sickening bunch of dimwits and you truly have no self awareness, no conscience, and no class. The people of this area have already paid the price for your disgusting actions and you have only helped to keep this state enslaved while the rest of the nation has awakened and done their part. What unconscious, selfish idiots you all are.

  19. Allen, their high water mark was their so-called convention when, even with Carl as the draw, they managed only 100 people, minus invited guests. We had 200 at Dave’s Wyoming Co. fundraiser alone. And we are still waiting for the votes to be released from the convention. I guess they are trying to break a world record for not releasing votes. How long does it take to count 100 votes?

  20. James, I think you should check your facts and not mix opinion from the skewed reality that you created in your head.
    In your would, everyone is out to get you. You don’t create allies, you create enemies. And you want to go to war so badly; however, you have no ammunition and no army behind you. Do us all a favor, and go into hiding in a trench somewhere.
    You are a one man soap box that spews nonsensical rhetoric. You’re not relevant, though you would like to be. The fact that you took the time to make a video like this is pathetic. You wish you had the political mind of Nick Langworthy. And the fact that you made your jealousy of Nick known, is even more pathetic. Go away.

  21. I don’t want hacks as allies. They are the people who have destroyed our community. Only Christian charity leads me to acknowledge them on the street.

    My post was fact-based; yours is just insults.

  22. Langworthy was outsmarted by Lenihan, plain and simple.

    Little Nicky told Lenny that he would give him two Dems for three Reps. His reasoning was that Paladino’s coattails would sweep the Reps in and Lenny would panic at the thougnt!

    Well, the paper ballot is not like the old machines. Lenny knew that and laughted Nicky off. Len then proceeded to line up the minor lines for his choices.

    By the time Langworthy and company figured out that Lenny wasn’t biting it was too late. They then offer the Dems a better deal: Three Dems for two Reps. Lenny said no. Langworthy then countered with a desperate move: One Rep (presumably Paul Wojtaszek) for four Dems.

    But it was too late. Lenny was set and all but one of his folks had multiple minor lines.

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