Written by James Ostrowski on November 22, 2010 – 4:27 pm -

—Is at the root of the TSA silliness.

The notion that there is a governmental solution to every human problem leads to this kind of nonsense.

Government is the faith of the faithless but in this new religion, heaven happens now.

I’ve said this before–most of us will die in a nursing home or while sleeping or watching TV. Get over your irrational fear of terrorism. You have a better chance of being killed by a falling brick from the Statler Hotel.

The state thrives on fear and as Mencken pointed out, spends a great deal of time and effort making us afraid of ghosts.

I dissected the fallacy of utopianism in my book Political Class Dismissed. As the title suggests, it’s a political science class rolled into a book.

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  1. RayNo Gravatar Says:

    “Government is the faith of the faithless but in this new religion, heaven happens now.”

    I like that line.

    These latest abominations from the TSA and the public reaction to them is instructive, particularly from the side of the TSA faithful who seem to be willing to endure any public humiliation at the hands of an amateur federal goon squad as long as it makes them feel safe from Islamo-terrorists. I would venture to guess that they wouldn’t even lose their religion if the TSA demanded to stick an endoscope up their ass looking for hidden explosives.
    They say a recent poll suggests that 81% of American approve of the TSA porno scanners and molestation practices. If so then Boobus Americanus has reached a new apex.

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