Response to Rus Thompson–Updated (Parts 1-4)

Part 1

Rus Thompson sent out a press release the other day that got picked up by some national media websites that printed it without any fact-checking.

He has also popped up on local radio. Here’s Roll Call and Politico.

His releases related to the Tea Party candidacy of Jack Davis. I am the Davis campaign counsel.

Suffice it to say, Rus and I must live in two different worlds because the world he describes is unrecognizable to me.

I will try to respond to each point he made with specific factual rebuttals.

Responding to Rus’s many misstatements of fact and half-truths is very tedious but it must be done and in the end, I believe this dialogue will greatly aid local tea party activists to understand the controversy.

I also believe that this discussion will convince many skeptics of the absolutely crucial importance of electing Jack Davis to Congress on the Tea Party line.

Since these issues were not resolved last year, they have continued to fester—so I am committed to discussing these issues to the satisfaction of any reasonable reader. The hacks and haters of course are not amendable to reason. Expect them to pop in and toss around lots of gratuitous personal attacks.

A quick note to the reader. I was involved in the tax revolt and the tea party movement from the very beginning. I attended the very first event of each movement. So you are getting a view of these movements from an eyewitness on many of these points.

First, Rollcall’s headline reads: “Tea Party Leaders Ask Davis to Exit N.Y. Special Election.”

Rus is a self-appointed leader. He has not been elected or appointed to any leadership position that I know of. He founded TEA New York without consulting anyone but his wife Jul and Carl Paladino to the best of my knowledge. In my opinion, he did so as a vehicle to run for the state senate against Antoine Thompson. (I will try to specify whenever I state an opinion that I cannot prove.) Why did he not simply continue to work under the auspices of Primary Challenge? Again, an opinion, it’s hard to have two compulsive office seekers under one roof.

To the best of my knowledge, NONE of the local tea party groups have formal bylaws or formal boards or formal members. I have advised the Tea Party Coalition to adopt formal bylaws but, being a bunch of volunteers, not hacks with lots of time on our hands, we have not gotten around to it yet.

Rus seems to imply that TEA New York has a board. Who’s on it? Who put them there? So many questions, so little time.

In the absence of a board that approved this press release, it was obviously only approved by Rus and Jul. If my wife and I issued a press release, would Roll Call print it?

So my point is this: Rus speaks for Rus and maybe Jul but the use of “I” in the press release makes me wonder even about that.

Roll Call reports that TEA New York is the largest tea party organization in Western New York. Really? How so? Unless they have bylaws that define “members”, then they have zero members. In the absence of formal members, the best way to judge size is by the turnout at their events.

As for TEA New York, their high water mark was a candidate’s night last year in Kenmore. They were riding high and had all the resources of the Paladino campaign at their disposal and even brought some alleged tea party honcho in from out of town. Now, judging from what one of the candidates told me and judging from photos of the event, there were, minus candidates and their staffs, about 100 people there. If you wish to contest my estimate, maybe you could finally release the votes at your convention! That’s right. The votes were never released. Some convention.

At one event last year, for Dave DiPietro in Wyoming County (much smaller than Erie), we had at least 250 people AND THEY PAID TO GET IN!

I could go on and discuss other events held in Wyoming, Ontario, Erie and Livingston counties but the point has been made. They do not draw bigger crowds than we do. Hell, we had 20 people at one quickly organized sign wave for Dave in Lancaster on Election Day during rush hour! That’s double the size of the core group of TEA NY.

I will admit that TEA NY has more meetings than we do. Where do they get the time? We meet less frequently but we DO things. We run candidates and promote the Pork Lawsuit for example. What have they accomplished with all those long, drawn-out meetings?

The headline of Rus’s press release is: “The TEA Party is NOT a 3rd Party for immediate release!”

First of all, TEA is a watered-down slogan I have never favored. “Tea Party” refers to the Boston Tea Party and invokes the spirit of the American Revolution. Why gild the lily?

What Jack Davis sought and obtained is a “Tea Party” line on the ballot, not a party. The only way to start a party in NY is to get 50,000 votes for governor.

Maybe that’s a fine legal point but you would think that Rus, who himself tried to form a new party last year, would know this. Funny that a guy who tried to start a new party last year (with a lame, losing name) is now accusing us of wanting to start a new party.

BTW Rus, whatever happened to your campaign for Comptroller? I recall you dropping in but not dropping out. Hmmmm.

That’s all for now. To be continued.

“I propose to fight it out on this line, if it takes all summer.”

Part 2

In his press release, Rus writes:

Jack has been getting advice from Allen Coniglio and James Ostrowski who are members of a rogue tea party group that are determined to create a 3rd party. A little over a year ago they attempted to convince the TEA Party groups in Western New York that a 3rd party was needed and their Tea Party Coalition was the path. We all disagreed, and because of this and other unresolved conflict, we walked away wanting nothing to do with this.

This is false. First, Jack got no advice from Allen. Granted, this isn’t a critical point but it does show that Rus sometimes just makes stuff up. Second, the TPC is not a rogue group but that will require a fuller discussion later. What is totally false is that we are determined to create a third party through the TPC. Rus in fact was part of a group of candidates on the (badly-named) Taxpayer line last year that was an effort to create a new party. Nor was that non-existent fact the cause of the split in the movement. We did help Dave DiPietro run on the Tea Party line last year for state senate. That is not a party but an “independent body,” a line on the ballot. I advised Dave to use the term “Tea Party.” Dave’s Tea Party line got 20 times as many votes as Rus’s Taxpayer line on a percentage basis.

But it was never our intention that Dave run a third party race. We hoped he would win the primary and wanted him to get a second line to help him win in November. These decisions are made in July. The split happened several months before.

What happened to Rus’s candidacy for Comptroller? It just vanished without a trace like his candidates’ forum a few weeks ago. Well, it turns out that he never filed an acceptance! Everyone else on the Taxpayer line filed one but Rus. Why? I know why but let’s see if Rus can come clean on this.

So what did cause the split? First, let me say that the Coalition was never fully united in the first place. The split simply brought out in the open critical differences between our faction and theirs. I will get into that more later. The proximate cause of the split was their insistence that Boss Jim Domagalski, who had never to my knowledge asked for our endorsement, be considered for our endorsement along with Dave DiPietro and Lenny Roberto. The underlying facts here are somewhat complicated and convoluted, but that was the basic disagreement. From the beginning, DiPietro and Roberto both expressed an interest in the race. Dave was a great candidate and hardcore tea party activist. Roberto was a terrible candidate who spent much of the tea party year of 2009 in a truly bizarre effort to abolish New York state government through a privately-held election of some sort.

Yet, Rus and Jul wanted Domagalski considered for the endorsement. While the idea was totally absurd, they were free to advocate for Domagalski at a scheduled conference call (two members were out of town). Instead, they simply left the Coalition (that they never truly embraced in the first place.)

There’s lots of confusion about a possible Coalition convention and why it was not held. The convention was my idea but I couldn’t make it work in the short time available. Various candidates expressed concerns about who would be able to vote and I was never able to develop a plan to make sure that only bona fide tea party supporters could vote but hacks and interlopers could not. Also, we had a shortage of candidates not a surplus. The only race where we had more than one potential candidate was the Volker seat (DiPietro and Roberto). At a Coalition meeting, it was agreed that the board itself would endorse after giving Dave and Lenny a full hearing. After Lenny dropped out to run against Higgins, it should have been a no-brainer to endorse our own member and fried DiPietro over a political boss but Rus and Jul and their group made a huge ruckus over this. That’s what the split was all about. It was not about third parties.

For many reasons, the alleged convention held by Tea New York last year was not a convention along the lines of the one I first proposed in January, 2010. For example, it was not open to all tea party activists. More about that later.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for Part 3.

Part 3 (March 30).

I have already demonstrated that Rus speaks only for himself. No one has provided any evidence to the contrary. Now he has alleged, without any proof, that “thousands” of tea party groups have stated their opposition to using a “tea party” line on the ballot. First, the movement is decentralized so what groups elsewhere have decided is not binding on WNY. Second, NY is a very tough ballot access state so what groups do in other states is not really relevant.

How to get on the ballot and which party lines to use and whether to use an independent line are not matters of principle but matters of strategy and tactics. We saw last year that Rus’s Taxpayer line did very poorly but the DiPietro “Tea Party” line did extremely well (half of a percent to 11%). So long as the term is used honestly, there is no legal or ethical problem with using the term “Tea Party” for a line on the ballot. It’s good strategy.

Now, I can see why the GOP hates the name. The Tea Party movement EXISTS because of the failure of the GOP to fulfill its promises for 50 years to shrink government. The GOP is terrified of the TP movement and have actively tried to co-opt it, corrupt it, or divide and conquer it. So, it’s no surprise that operatives with close ties to the GOP object to the use of the term “Tea Party” for an independent line.

Let’s talk strategy again. It’s poor strategy to foreclose in advance any of the tools that might be at your disposal. Your opponents love it when you do that. Also, the GOP loves it when Republicans say, in effect, “No matter how badly you treat me, I will never leave you.” I think that’s called “enabling.”

BTW, Rus talks about “splitting the line,” presumably meaning the Republican line. But Rus is a Democrat. Go figure.

Part 4–April 2.

Now let’s talk about that mysterious amalgam of five groups that make up the TEA New York Coalition.
Last year, Rus said that TEA New York “represents five tea party groups in WNY.” He mentioned TEA New York, Niagara Patriots, Buffalo 912, Grand Island Patriots, and “members of Primary Challenge.” “We all encompass a couple of thousand people.” At that meeting, there were no more than 100-125 tea party activists.

Just in case one might think he was referring to that particular candidates’ night, he recently used almost the same language on WBEN: “TEA New York . . . is an all-encompassing of five different groups.”

Is that true? Frankly, I couldn’t care less if Primary Challenge, about which more later, somehow voted to cede its role to TEA New York. Nor do I care about Grand Island Patriots, the apparently tiny group headed by TEA GOP operative Mike Madigan. He refuses to answer any questions about GIP.

So let’s talk about Buffalo 912 and Niagara Patriots. Neither organization endorses candidates. So how in the world could they be part of an explicitly political coalition called TEA New York? I spoke with a veteran “member” of Niagara Patriots asked him if his group ever voted to enter a coalition with TEA New York and Primary Challenge. He said “No.”
As for Buffalo 912, I, myself, am a “member” although I have only attended one or two events. I recently reviewed most of the emails the group ever sent out and recall nothing about a proposed marriage with TEA New York. I sent an inquiry to the coordinator of Buffalo 912 to find out if her group has somehow joined a coalition with a political action committee. I will post her response when it is received. UPDATE: Laura Yingling of Buffalo 912 writes: “The Tea New York board makes decisions only for Tea New York.”

At the same meeting last year, Rus said “I am not the leader of the tea party. There’s no spokesman for the tea party.” Recently, on WBEN, he said, “I’m the spokesman for the people in the tea party.”

The mysterious amalgam of groups is once again having a candidate’s forum next week, so, once again, I have to ask, when are they going to release the votes from last June?

There are so many other issues from the recent media interviews but let’s end it here for now. I’ve a got a Final Four to watch.

32 thoughts on “Response to Rus Thompson–Updated (Parts 1-4)”

  1. Jim you state above: “Responding to Rus’s many misstatements of fact and half-truths is very tedious”

    Let’s start with the basics – I know of only 6 Reform/TeaParty groups in the Buffalo area:

    5 of these groups are – Primary Challenge, Niagara Patriots, Erie (GI) Patriots, TeaNewYork and the Buffalo 912 Project. These groups work very well with each other and sponsor many events that both contribute to Reform activities and to the communities they are a part of (community outreach).

    The 6th group is your alleged “TeaParty Coalition”: You claim to be part of a Coalition of TeaParty groups – name them so you can establish your own credibility and then we can go from there in the discussion of credibility – how many reform groups are part of your “Coalition” and what are their names?

  2. Credibility is derived from the actions and positions people support. Crawling in to bed with the Republicans, and looking out only for one’s self, is quite repulsive. Accordingly, TeaNewYork and Primary Challenge have lost my support.

  3. Mike, this thread is about correcting Rus. I have done so on many points. Any comment?

    There’s plenty of time to describe in detail the history of the Coalition. Neutral readers will find it fascinating I think.

    We have no quarrel with the Niagara Patriots. We invited them to join the Coalition early on and they declined. My recollection is that their leader told us they don’t do electoral politics. So, I was surprised to hear them grouped in to a neo-Coalition that endorsed candidates. Am I wrong?

    If I make any factual errors here for any reason, and they are brought to my attention, I will correct myself.

    Grand Island Patriots? I know nothing about them. Tell us more. Who started them? Why? How many “members” do they have? Do they have any bylaws?

    BTW, aren’t you a GOP committeeman? Did you vote against or for Boss Langworthy last year?

    912? Again, we have no quarrel with the 912 group. But again, my recollection is that they don’t endorse. Am I wrong? Did the members, if they have members, vote to join a coalition with Rus and Lenny?

    Before this thread is done, the origin and nature of all the groups will be thoroughly explored.

    No comment about the reason for the split? You know it wasn’t about third parties. Why not just say so?

  4. Let’s get to the important matter: who has the bigger cock?

    That’s what this is really all about, right? Neither of you really give a shit about issues. It’s more about playing the role of entertainer or consultant, which puts a few bones in your pockets. There’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever, but the hair pulling and bitchiness isn’t quality TV. Mad as Hell Rus vs. Intellectual Jim won’t be a major hit on PPV, especially if you guys wear spandex.

    It’s unfortunate but expected that anyone tried to “organize” the tea party. Herds of cats are nowhere to be found.

    And now that I’ve probably lost the services of one good lawyer and another great person based on my comments I think I’ll hit the sack.

    Let me know who has the bigger dick. I’ll post it on my facebook page.

  5. Ryan, let’s stick to the issues. Your comments are uncalled for. Freud is for college kids.

  6. I am an outsider not a Tea member that was at the event last year for Dipietro. I have also met Rus Thompson before. What Jim O says in this post is completely true. Rus is a GOP controlled toy. Whether he knows it or not, which sometimes i think he really believes that he is some sort of player. The truth is the GOP is laughing at what a joke the Tea Party in WNY has become. It really is a shame because as Jim O recognizes it really could get a lot of things good accomplished like it has in other parts of the country. Keep trying Jim because it would be worth it if you could get a true Tea candidate elected. If it doesnt work out with Jack Davis why dont you try the local level like running Dipietro in his local community as a Tea candidate. I have heard that the latest town board in Boston NY won as a slate as the Boston Tea Party. Try to ignore Rus Thompson. In my opinion he is just a political wannabee that is unelectable. He might have good intentions but he is being played like a drum. The GOP or the democrats do not want a third party because they know that it will hurt there power. Rus should stop playing games with the well intentioned people that are following him. As in any organization you are only as powerful as you organize as a unit. For Rus to discourage people from organizing plays right into the GOP plan. Who wouldnt want an endorsement from Tea NY and not have to face any agenda. Since you know me as an independent person Jim I would not have any trouble telling any of this to either you or Rus Thompsons face. I dont always agree with you Jim but this time you are right and its time people call out Rus Thompson for what he is.

  7. This is precisely what happened last year. When I laid out the actual facts and invited correction or comment, I got mostly silence.

    Nevertheless, I will forge ahead as time permits.

    Stay tuned.

  8. Madigan, how’s that bitter TeaGOP tasting?

    Yeah, start with the basics. Lenny and Rus taught, motivated, and connected people through the common ground of corruption in our local parties. With that corruption headed by tea party principled, Jim Domagalski. Then on Black Tuesday it blew wide open, that Rus and Lenny are weak.

    Lenny and Rus are the great dividers. That will be their legacy for WNY.

    There actually is no movement with you folks. Your groups are an arm of the Republican Party just like Tom Buerle initiated.

    There is now a Cheektowaga Tea Party. What kind of dividing crap are you folks going to lip about there? People are not happy with stuff coming out of Primary Challenge and TeaGOP.

    There is another local town tea party in the works too.
    Oh, and these are not tp’s that are joining the Tea Party Coalition. They are just more people who have the principles in them. These are people that see the damage that the dividers have caused.

    People can figure out who the problem is Mike. They know I am not it and they know why I never moved my position into your folks camp.

    It is the “turn the head away” mentality that has destroyed this nation. And it thrives in the followers of the groups you have sponsored yourself with.

    Shame on you all.

  9. The silence speaks volumes – we have yet to hear one TeaParty group that is a member when Jim is asked what TeaParty groups are in this Coalition……How is that a Coalition?

    The TPC has supported past working family endorsed candidates and strong supporters of Obama (rabid supporter of Obama in one case). I guess in Jim’s world a TeaParty candidate and a Coalition have very very unique definitions.

  10. Mike I am not a member of any tea party group. What it sounds like to me is that Jim or someone picked the name WNY Coalition because at the time it was an effort to unify a few loose groups into a more powerful group. From what Jim says some have left because there leadership felt that by doing the GOP bidding they might further there political careers. It doesnt seem to me to matter who has the most groups in there faction. What matters is which group is more relevant. From what I can see you follow some strange husband and wife team that has tried to use a legitament movement to further there own agendas. If I were you I would ask yourself why you even belong to a group that does absolutly and means absolutly nothing. At least Jim is actively trying to recruit candidates and spreading the real message of the movement. Arent you sick of being laughed at by the whole community? Stand up for yourself dont just be a political pawn.

  11. Mike,

    I remember before the last elections I brought up how Lenny, Rus, Juls, Ellie, Brian Polliner all brought up Jim getting paid for working on a campaign. That was one of the reasons stated for leaving the coalition.

    Then it comes out in the newspaper that Rus was getiing paid for working on a campaign.

    I emailed you and asked how come you folks aren’t showing the same horror as done with Jim. You response was, “Now is not the time”. (That was because of the work being put into Carl’s campaing.)

    Well that’s over now. Are you folks going to make a public statement condemming Rus like you’s did Jim concerning working for a campaign.

    Also, you never answered questions concerning Primary Challenge. You are a board member like I am. Who choice what groups were to partake in a PC convention last year and who constructed the criteria for choosing the groups?

    Still waiting.

    So what is the casue of the split Mike, make up your mind. Is it because you folks “work well together each other”, that we wanted to start a third party, or Jim is getting paid for working on a campaign?

    Why not face the facts that you don’t have the courage to accept the fact that Lenny and Rus sold out a movement to the very people they demonized.

    How about a Q & A session so all of WNY can hear the facts. But it has to be live audience and streamed live on the Internet? I can set this up.

    So I ask, will you and your TeaGOP’rs accept my challenge for a live stream Q & A for transparency?

  12. Me allegedly being paid was NOT given as a reason for the split at the time. That came later as a smoke screen.

  13. I just re-read my post to see if designated hitter Mike Madigan was responding to anything in it. He wasn’t.

    Apparently, Mike doesn’t want to respond to my post.

  14. Rus is and always has been a wanna be republican insider. He steals the thoughtful ideas of others and claims them as his own. He is a carpetbagger, being from Masaachusetts, who injects himself into movements started by others. He did so with Primary Challenge, Free Buffalo and then, after being obviously ignored by his Republican Party “friends” in several elections, he leeched on to the Paladino campaign joke. They say the quality of a man can be judged by the people he surrounds himself with, when learning of Rus’s involvement with the Paladino campaign it was bovious to me that Paladino was not credible. People who look to Rus Thompson as a leader reflect the not-so-intellectual branch of the so called Tea Party Movement.

  15. Pamaz hit it right on the head. RT is well known for stealing everyone else’s ideas and working to sabotage those he cannot compete with. He was confronted by a non tea party guy for doing just that not too long ago. That is exactly what he did with his campaign to “take out at the knees” the Tea Party Coalition,, mentioning Jim O., Dave DiPietro, and me specifically as targets as he could not deal with anyone scooping him on planning events and communicating with the press.

    Yes, in response to Dave (above) the TPC was started by Jim Ostrowski and me after a conversation at a downtown event. It was intended as a way to get all the groups in WNY working together as it had become very obvious to me that the tax revolution had been going on since around 2004 and nothing had been really accomplished. I constantly wrote and communicated that thought for years but we never got anywhere and it is obvious to me now that it was because RT and Len Roberto did not care to work together. Jim and I and many of the early members saw an opportunity to work together but Roberto and Thompson could not accept the idea of working as one and they worked to sabotage things from the beginning. They were toxic at the meetings when we were trying to work out how to coordinate our efforts and they used whatever excuse they could to find a way to break from the coalition. It was all very transparent and they fooled no one but themselves and some of the people around them who have never taken the time to examine in depth what has been going on. They destroyed the original coalition but we kept the core together and we have some very good people left with us who are truly decent and honorable citizens.

    Yes, RT latched on to Paladino and pretended to be his friend just to advance his own interests including another shot at election in the 60th senate race but he couldn’t make it happen as the Grand Island GOP committee people told RT that they were not interested in him. Because he was so full of his own selfish ambitions, he betrayed a guy he claimed was his friend, Dave DiPietro, in pushing Domagalski as the senate candidate in the 59th. He did that from the beginning and that is why he left the coalition and why he then had to destroy it. He is a dishonorable person of very weak character who will screw and use anyone as long as he can get what he is looking for. Len Roberto is not much better and is another guy who has used his phony organization to seek elected office. He claims that Primary Challenge was set up to challenge the political machines but he has joined with them to advance his political chances. Instead of admitting that they have put their own desires ahead of truly serving the people, they have adopted the tactic of spreading lies, rumors, and misinformation about those who would not support them in their miserable, selfish efforts. Unfortunately, the press is lazy and stupid and they have not even cared to make the effort to investigate this whole thing. Without the brainless puppets these guys surround themselves with, they would have already fallen.

    Tony M’s idea about having a live webcast debate is excellent and I suggest we get busy with that. After the radio appearances last Monday in which RT managed (as always) to finagle things so he had the last word and was free to attack without repercussions or responses, I had been thinking seriously of a way to get a debate going. Tony had the same idea but has proposed a possible way to do it. Let us get the invitations out. We all know, however, that Thompson and Roberto will not show. Just fyi, Tom Bauerle texted me after the show last Monday and asked if I would appear on his show with RT. I agreed but RT would not. Is anyone surprised?

  16. Allen, you’re right. They don’t confont us. It’s all behind the scenes whispers that the fatuous believe but we cannot respond to. We find out months or years later that we were defamed.

    Notice that Rus called in about 11:40am to reduce the possibility of a rebuttal.

  17. You guys crack me up – where do I start – LOL

    David: If your idea of a candidate that meets the criteria is communist party (Working families Party endorsed) candidates and candidates that strongly support Obama and his healtcare plan then good luck and enjoy your TPC candidates.

    Tony: Jim is correct – the split had nothing to do with who was getting paid and as Jim said Polner was no part of it. Nice try though…..The pay issue came up much later once it was revealed (Jim O had written articles and presented himself as neutral in a conflict trying to resolve an issue when in fact he was on a payroll at the time)- Jim has since started revealing such conflicts of intrest when he writes etc so people are appropriately informed and that is good.

    Based on above – The only thing left of the TPC is several guys while the primary reform groups in the area remain working together the “TPC – which is a coalition of several guys not groups” works solo and views all other reform groups in the area (who consist of thousands of members) as sold out and essentially the enemy. please correct me if I mis-read the above.

    Regarding commenting on article- this was all related in my opinion. Perhaps you see it differently which frequently we clearly do have differing views…

    Best regards;


  19. Jim I feel sorry for you that guys like Mike Madigan are what represents the Tea Party. It is no wonder the Tea Party has become a joke! Just yesterday national news was saying the Tea Party express had only 200 people show up in DC and half of them were the media! I see also on that Primary Challenge is honoring Chris Collins. Mike, Rus, and Lenny are a bunch of unelectable bootlickers! I feel sorry for there supposed thousands of followers! Jim the WNY Teaparty has the right ideas unfortunately the other leaders are frauds. Mike Madigan doesn’t have the courage to debate face to face he is a coward.

  20. David:

    Good point about the rally. The GOP in the House has totally ignored the tea party. Now, we have a referendum on that very same GOP right here in WNY.

    Real members of the tea party can send a loud message to the GOP hacks by voting for Jack on May 24th.

    What message do you send when you vote for Corwin?

  21. Mike,

    You were not privvy to mine and Brian’s conversation. Is it that Brian has denied that to you?

  22. Mike,

    Start by supplying transparency. Your still not answering my questions concerning Primary Challenge. Whats up? Covering up for elements in Primary Challenge? Heck, your a board member just like I. Or, are you, different somehow …

  23. Tony: I checked above and saw only 1 question – regarding convention. Lenny (CEO of Primary Challenge) designated several leaders per county/region to attend – I guess I am not following your line of concern. Clue me in here and perhaps I could add some “transperancy”

    David: The TeaParty Express is a joke and a fraud – the TeaParty on the other hand is no joke except when certain individuals sell the name out to the highest bidder.

    Regarding a debate: The last time I spoke to Jim he said “I’m not speaking to you”. No room to debate. I would enjoy a debate any time any place. We could debate TeaParty values and what makes up an ideal TeaParty candidate…..I would really enjoy that. Bring it on!

    Jim: Check your attack$ on Lenny when you represented Roland initially, and then after she dumped you and you assumed support of another Slaughter candidate check your attacks on Jil Roland, your action$ with Dave D. when claiming neutrality in conflict …..etc….the list goes on and on.

  24. Mike, you made some sort of vague and unsubstantiated allegations against me and when I asked you for details, you doubled-down with more BS.

    Whose payroll was I on when I “had written articles and presented himself as neutral in a conflict trying to resolve an issue”?

    I will correct this error. Rowland didn’t “dump me.”

    And when did I ever claim neutrality “in conflict.”

    But I want an answer to the first question above or a retraction.

  25. Line of concern:

    Date of Primary Challenge meeting/s where it was brought up what leaders per county/region were to attend?

    How were the leaders chosen?

    What was the criteria for choosing which groups would participate in the convention?

    Lets start there.


    The Q & A will be about what caused the tea party split. That is what the average person is concerned about – unity.

    The participants are those who attended the meetings starting in January 2010.

    From Primary Challenge that is Lenny Roberto, Brian Polliner, Al Matteo, Ellie Corcoran, George Curtis, you, and myself. I believe that is correct.

    Then there are people involved in the Tea Party Coalition of WNY.

    And finally those involved with various groups that are umbrella’d under TeaNY.

  26. When we were in the middle of the Dave D-Lenny-Paladino-Jim D battle (you and I were highly involved in trying to resolve) – I believed you spoke based on principle and your failure to disclose you were being paid greatly disappointed me and clarified why you acted the way you did as we have discussed previousely. You ommitted this important fact which explained why you took such strong unyielding positions in defense of Dave.

    You presented yourself to me as neutral and you wrote on your blog as well without disclosing you were on different payrolls in each case your attacks were focused on your payees opponent………this pattern has recently changed and you now disclose when you have such conflicts – that is good.

    Tony: You sound like you were jilted. Clearly not everyone could attend from Erie County. Lenny chose leaders as stated – I doubt there were any written criteria if that’s what you seek. I really can’t help you resolve your issues on that front.

    You ask why did the TPC split up – have we not re-hashed that and beaten that horse to death. Do you want it dug back up and continue to beat it some more. Move on man move on!

    If in your last sentence you are asking who split off from the TPC: It would be much easier to list the couple of people who did not reject it and as you know no organized groups remain other than a few guys who as individuals call themselves a TeaParty Coalition……A coalition of 1 group of guys.

    Allen: You say Rus and Lenny were toxic and almost seem to imply they could not work together. Funny how they have worked well together in many cases ever since including currently on both the fund raiser on the 15th for injured vets and this Thursday’s vetting session. All groups are very independent but in areas where working together benefits the groups we join forces – this has worked very well.

    It would seem that as you claim toxicity and point you have four back at you – you may not realize it but you actually took yourself out at the knees.

    Your group could have rejoined and worked across the other autonomous groups at any time in the past 18 months and many people have attempted to make peace such as Jul, Ellie and Lenny who carried petitions for Dave and got him signatures. Each attempt to extend an olive branch and make peace was met with but rejection and more drama and hate filled rants by you and Jim.

    It would seem you both thrive on bomb throwing, drama and conflict…..step one is awareness -think about this possibility. When have you ever known serenity and peace?

    Best regards;

    PS:I will discontinue commenting – May we all live long, free and prosper.

  27. The only payroll I was on in April, 2010, when some “tea party” activists joined the GOP machine was Paladino’s.

    So, you’re exactly wrong. In remaining loyal to DiPietro, I was acting against my own financial interest which, I believe, cost me my job.

    Your other vague allegations are also baseless. I won’t respond to those further unless you spell out the details because I am not going to try to guess what the allegations are.

    Lots of lies have been told about me behind my back by gutless cowards since I started fighting the machine in this town in the late 1970s. Shame on those creeps and shame on you for believing them.

    The bottom line is this. The purpose of this post was to correct mistatements by Rus Thompson. I did so. You failed to rebut anything I said and you gratuitously brought up an old smear that was irrelevant to the post.

    Your smear has been refuted.

    You may return to your TEA GOP inner circle.

  28. Mike,

    I am not jilted at all.

    Remember at the Primary Challenge board meeting in April 2010, my name was brought up for consideration to replace Lenny as Chairman of Primary Challenge after I read my prepared statement. I read the two motions, one that Mr. Roberto is to resign as Chairman and two that the Primary Challenge meetings are to be held in a neutral facility. I immediately refused to be considered for Chairman of Primary Challenge.

    As a show of respect for others to reflect on the integrity of Primary Challenge, I did not enter my document into the permanent records at that time.

    I am not asking why their was a split, the average person is, as I stated so above.

    My last sentence does not ask about who split, it states who should attend the live Q & A so the people can hear the facts what caused the split.

    It is good that you agreed to the live Q & A in order to help the average person. You can start to notify those in your off-shoot tea party groups.

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