TEA GOP Hero Paul Ryan is a Statist

Here’s his sorry ass record.

Paul Ryan on Bailouts and Government Stimuli
-Voted YES on TARP (2008)
-Voted YES on Economic Stimulus HR 5140 (2008)
-Voted YES on $15B bailout for GM and Chrysler. (Dec 2008)
-Voted YES on $192B additional anti-recession stimulus spending. (Jul 2009)

Paul Ryan on Entitlement Programs
-Voted YES on limited prescription drug benefit for Medicare recipients. (Nov 2003)
-Voted YES on providing $70 million for Section 8 Housing vouchers. (Jun 2006)
-Voted YES on extending unemployment benefits from 39 weeks to 59 weeks. (Oct 2008)
-Voted YES on Head Start Act (2007)

34 thoughts on “TEA GOP Hero Paul Ryan is a Statist”

  1. TEA GOP has joined the failed GOP organization. Now, if they would just drop the TEA, all would be well.

  2. Rand Paul has proposed cuts to discretionary spending only, as he admits, ignoring the real issue which is the entitlements program.

    Paul (punts) kicks the can further down the road towards disaster just like Obama and the Liberal Progressive Caucus. The longer you wait the bigger the disaster and the more impossible it is to fix.

    The Paul plan only looks out 5 years and makes no/zero cuts to entitlements – deficits rockets upward with the Paul plan starting in 2017 and to an unsustainable level by 2037 as per CBO due to entitlement commitments that far exceed our ability to meet them.

    You can’t compare the Paul plan to the Ryan plan when they are apples and oranges or in this case your front door step compared to Mount Everest. The Paul plan dodges addressing the biggest risk to US future prosperity ever faced – he avoids the hardest issue and most politically unpopular……

    The Ryan plan addresses the entire budget, including entitlements, and looks out 40 years on what the impact would be.

    To suggest that the Paul plan is responsible would be like suggesting the ultra liberal Cuomo plan is responsible….LOL

    The Cuomo plan: Let’s see NY has a $10B deficit, we cut spending by $2.5B and by the miracle of the Liberal media we have erased the $10B deficit without any increase in taxes..yeh that makes sense LOL – public school education is great/new math….

    I recall reading that the TPC supports the Ultra Liberal Cuomo plan and agrees that cutting $2.5B in spending addresses the $10B deficit – brilliant, hello, hello is anyone home – hello!

    Incredible – sad…….

  3. You got something right again, Paul has presented a balanced budget within 5 years without covering entitlements – yet.

    So your clueless on monetary policy too hey, Madigan?

    Start with Understanding Money 101.

    Your a Keynesian and a band-aider just like Obama.

  4. I guess if you call avoiding addressing the issues and playing make believe that there is no entitlement bombshell going off starting in 2017 then you are right – I’m totally clueless.

    Paul stopped his budget projection at 5 years because of the huge spike in 2017. Not even Obama did that – he used a different gimmick by projecting out 12 years to claim a $4T cut in a sad attempt to claim equivalence to the House Tea Party Caucus budget cut. Rand Paul cuts only $500B in 5 years…..

    Tony: You are a self professed former Neo Liberal (your words not mine). You, Davis, Coniglio and Ostrowski have attempted to hide your Neo Liberal positions(Working Families Party) within a cloak you attempt to claim as TEA Party. LOL

    Davis has now come out against the House TEA Party Caucus budget and most of their key policy positions….how is it that Davis can claim he is a TEA Party candidate….????

  5. Madigan is clearly insane. And a GOP operative. Did you vote for the odious Langworthy? I asked you that a while ago. Who is feeding you the propaganda?

    No Congress can bind the next. The only thing that matters is what you would cut right now. Davis–$250B. Corwin, little for nothing.

  6. Mike, are you ok? Seriously.

    Your convincing me that you are not a fan of Liberty. Show where Ryan wants to remove control and power of government over the people.

    Your right those are my words, fact and true. Now its four years later, do you want to debate me on Liberty, control, power, macroeconomic monetary policy? That debate would be me, for Liberty, facing off against you, for government control.

    You cant’ get a grasp of the big picture. Holy crap.

  7. Mike, we need to keep getting to know you better.

    Would you be kind enough to offer your reasoning why the poor and the middle class get poorer?

  8. Jim: I did attend the GOP meeting where he was voted in. I voted for him – he went against the rest of the state by supporting Paladino. This was a huge risk and made him worthy of a second round. There were no other choices from what I recall as well.

    Regarding my sources of information – I work hard and research even harder. Fact checking and research is a passion for me and reporting as well.

    I interact with co-organizers state wide daily and that is where I get inside scoop such as Davis speech Monday where he rejected Ryan and made several other interesting statements yet to be reported…….

    Related to that I’m currently working a Davis piece regarding this past week’s rejection of the House TEA Party Caucus budget by Davis as well as rejecting most of the TEA positions- this will soon be released. Likely Saturday morning….

    I’m working also currently on a Davis piece regarding Slaughter and Higgins……WOW – bombshell – must save for after weekend so it is not missed….stay tuned dudes!

    Best regards;


  9. See Mike, you keep stating tea party positions. You mean the GOP tea positions, correct?

    Ron and Rand Paul are not GOP tea positions but Liberty tea.

    GOP tea is band-aids. Liberty tea is core solving.

    Band-aids is status quo. Core is the big picture.

    It is good to research but it doesn’t seem like you research what are the core causes. You have to know that, to understand what the correct solutions are.

    Your not hitting on the core causes. Your just reshuffling the same cards.

    If you can’t figure out why the poor and the middle class get poorer, and why both mom and dad have to work, why savings loses purchasing power, why people can’t afford quality products, how wealth gets transferred from the people to the government, then your research is superficial.

    Remember this second tea party has its principle roots aligned with this nations Revolution era. Ron Paul has educated the people on these roots.

    If your not in tune with the roots of the Founding Fathers principles, then what tea are you referring too? British tea?

  10. Mike, you are so hung up on the distractions. That is status quo.

    I couldn’t care less who Paladino had previously gave money to and such. Maybe the guy is finally starting to wake up. Or at least one hopes that is the case. I was more interested in does he know history, core causes, and therefore understand what the correct solutions to solve the core causes.
    Paladino proved that he needs to study more. He also aligned himself with the parties.

    It doesn’t bother me who Davis previously donated to or what party he previoulsy belonged to. I need to know what is going on now. Davis has a real strong point, the same as Tom Casey. They will not be soldiers for the parties. Basically, if the party doesn’t have you on the front burner than almost always, that is a strong person and exactly what is needed.

    Corwin and Hockul are soldiers for the parties, hence status quo.

    We need people in office who are not soldiers and who understand the need to solve the core problems and not band-aids. We don’t have much time, monetary issues are dictating that.

    I can offer you a reading list to get you started so you don’t have to depend on other “surface’rs”. Are the folks that you get your scoop from all Keynesians?

  11. Remember, Paladino is the money man and people don’t want to dis him. There was no risk to Langworthy unless it wasn’t Paladino.

    As far as Langworthy, seems like he is a Keynesian also. Keynesians don’t go after solving core issues only the band-aids.

    You voted for a guy who is all for the secret executive committee.

    Ok, we know your a good soldier for the party and is working the Primary Challenge committeeman thing to slowly gain control. What year ya think? Remember, our monetary system funds the loss of our Liberty and government control over the people. And that noose is getting tighter. I haven’t heard Langworthy or the Cheektowaga party even discuss anything near core solving. So if they don’t discuss it, TeaGOP and Primary Challenge doesn’t, what are you all doing? Sounds like the same ole – beat the Democrats.

    In the long run, your getting played Mike and Lenny’s getting used.

  12. Langworthy did what was good for Langworthy. Endorsing Lazio was a career-ending move. Langworthy and Domagalski used Carl for their own purposes and in the process purged the campaign of key tea party activists. Caputo, neutral in the dispute, later said this hurt Carl’s campaign. Of course it did. It probably killed it.

    And Langworthy et al. cost the tea party movement two potential seats, Volker and Higgins, as I have already explained on this blog in great detail.

    What started as a sincere tea party effort ended up as a campaign filled with GOP hacks and largely empty of serious policy ideas. Yikes.

    And for doing all that damage, Madigan rewards him with his vote. Clueless.

    Primary Challenge’s trademark committeemen strategy ended with a whimper that day–no challenge to the machine; no challenge to its rules which make the Chairman the King.

  13. If you say Caputo was neutral, then you know something I don’t. My perspective is that since he went party, he is part of the local tea destruction. He too needs to get the nose to the grindstone and learn Liberty fundamentals, and have courage to not turn one’s head away.

  14. Rand Paul’s Tea Caucus Budget Plan is striking towards the core. Ryan’s isn’t.

    How come your pro Ryan’s plan and not Rand’s? Following the flock that maintains the quo?

    Hey Madigan, open your link up to comments where you don’t have to login.

  15. 18 comments and no one has contradicted a single fact asserted in the post. Now, the GOP operative is trying to distract attention by posting mostly nonsense about other topics.

    Corwin has a huge staff both in Buffalo and in DC and Madigan has raised no objection.

    As I have said before, Jack was the only candidate who sought the TPC endorsement still on the ballot when the endorsement was issued.

    He is the only candidate who supports immediate and huge cuts in the budget. Corwin supported the recent Obama-backed $3.3 billion increase that funds Planned Parenthood and Obamacare.

    He is also the only candidate who supported the WNY tax revolt BEFORE this campaign started.

  16. Rand Paul has never actually submitted a budget actually (he left off entitlements – he avoided that part of budget). He has proposed a grand total of $500 Billion in cuts and communicated he would deal with the harder part of the budget (entitlements) at a later date.

    Paul Ryan has submitted a complete budget that addresses all areas and does not avoid the politically sensitive entitlement reform that must be done now. The Ryan plan cuts $4 Trillion over 10 years with no tax increases.

    The Obama and Jack Davis plan cuts a meager $250 Billion while raising taxes and completely gutting the defense department.

    The real issue is how can you call Jack Davis a TEA Party candidate when he is running on Obama’s budget plan? Please don’t tell me you did not recognize that the Davis plan was identical to Obama’s – Davis must really think he is funny trying to pull this one off….LOL

  17. Madigan, you are truly a deranged individual–not the only one in TEA GOP.

    You need to get help and fast.

    I can’t carry on a dialogue with a crazy person.

  18. It’s circles with you. You haven’t learned who the battle is against yet.

    The man is not with the system. Corwin and Hochul are.

    Rand is not with the system. Ryan is.

    Tom Casey is not with the system and it doesn’t matter if he is a Democrat.

    Ron Paul is not with the system. What system NeoCon Republican are you going to put up against RP?

    You have become the highest ranking mouth piece in Western New York for status quo Republican politics.

    I think your M M stands for Med’s Man not Mad Man.

  19. Ok M M, educating on core for you. God knows you need it.

    Americans are addicted to a drug. They have been addicted to it for 70 years. The drug is called – government dependency. From what I hear, when people get taken of an addicting drug they experience something called withdrawal.

    So I agree with the Paul’s, especially RP because he understands this. Which means, there needs to be a transition.

    I could not cut social security because those on fixed income have been the scammed the most. They have been ripped off. How is that? By the Federal Reserve system. Go after the core M M, the CORE.

    Rand cuts at the heart – control.

    Your a statist M M, a Federalist. Exactly what Jefferson and the anti-Federalists warned us about.

  20. Tony and Jim: You have lost me here: You say I’m crazy or adicted to Government Dependency and then you argue for a budget (Rand Paul’s $500 Billion cut) but then turn around and support Davis…..

    Davis, as Jim has reported on this blog, rejected Rand Paul’s $500 Billion cut and instead submitted his own budget that increases taxes and and guts the millitary which is identical to the Obama 2012 budget that guts the millitary and increases taxes and cuts the deficit by the same $250 Billion….

    It’s almost as if Davis believes the voters he is targeting are clueless and would not realize he is supporting the Obama budget….

    Davis must get a big chuckle within his circle of liberal friends regarding the clever joke he is attempting pull off….Let him know that we all know his little joke and that nobody fell for it. LOL

    Best regards;

  21. Your constantly lost.

    Didn’t say your the one addicted to gov dependency, read again. It means the statists don’t know what the core issues are and how to relate that to the populace.

    MM, I agree with you that the Obama, Ryan, Corwin, and Davis budget plan is not up to the task. But, Davis backs the Paul’s. That is huge. The philosohpy of Liberty underpinning the Paul’s understanding of core issues puts Davis in great company for further education.

    Guts the military? Explain. Educate me on your foreign policy skills.

    You mean we’re classic Liberals, like the anti-Federalist Founding Fathers were and RP is? Thank you for putting me in that company, I highly respect that supreme compliment.

  22. You’re just making shit up now, which is what TEA GOP has been doing for two years. The fact is, Corwin endorsed the Obama 2011 budget that funds Obamacare. It must really suck having to defend that.

  23. Hey Mike, guess my sentence structure did infer you as being government dependent on something. It should have read, – Those Americans that are addicted to a drug.

    You should have been able to grasp the jist of the paragraph though.

  24. Actually Corwin rejected the compromise this past Monday stating it was in fact a $3 billion increase and was greatly disappointing. Corwin painted a very bleak fiscal picture stating at first the cut was to be $100B, then $67B, then $34B and ended up being a $3B increase – a complete failure.

    You were there at that speech Jim. You heard her – do you care to deny that she said that. I have the clip.

    In fact the clip shows you as well wearing a name tag that says you are a member of TEANewYork – what is up with that???? The cameraman zoomed in on it….LOL

  25. I might add Davis said nothing either for or against that budget….we do not know his position – we wanted to ask him but he stormed off the stage in a rage prior to even one true audience question being answered – we have that in the clip as well.

  26. “As a member of Congress, I would have voted both for this week’s plan to cut $38 billion and for the 2012 House budget resolution passed today because these bills are good initial steps in addressing America’s crippling deficit. ”

    Did she change her position after we called her out? That would be news. I can see why she is hiding from the press. Is she capable of more than repeating cliches written by an over-paid consultant?

  27. Please post that video asap so we can send out a press release about her repudiation of her benefactor Boehner and endorsing bills she knows nothing about.

  28. The Ryan plan addresses the entire budget, including entitlements, and looks out 40 years on what the impact would be.

    What a crock of shit. The Ryan Plan, like Obama’s plan, doesn’t touch Military or Homeland Security spending. Both are arguably the most egregious, liberty-sapping areas of the entire budget.

    Apparently, TeaGOP relishes the premise of Randolph Bourne – “War is the Health of the State”.

  29. Shorter Ryan budget – 10 years from now we’ll start to see some savings. In 40 years, assuming all assumptions are correct, we’ll be in good financial shape.

    The economy can’t wait that long.

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