Oldie But Goodie (on Collins)

This was published on the old Free New York blog in 2009 by Ray Roberts. I chimed in with a quick comment calling for a primary against Collins. Where’s Primary Challenge when you need them?

Hey Chris Collins! Is this more of “running government like a business”?

Is Erie County Executive Chris Collins (R) a Keynesian New Dealer? Suppose so, he wants a big federal bailout a.k.a stimulus package…for local governments! At the heart of it is a scheme to tax people everywhere in the U.S.and plunder the yet unborn to prop up bloated Erie County governments, create make work jobs and provide a sop for unions. In light of current events with bailouts of financial institutions and big business, I suppose he really see’s this as running government like a business.

Chris Collins, another me-too Republican .

I’m sure the horrible local congressional delegation will jump right on board for this grand larceny.

From WBEN:

Pushing for Federal Dollars

(Buffalo, NY) – Erie County Executive Chris Collins and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown held a joint news conference Saturday morning to release details of a $1.9 billion dollar stimulus package they hope to get from the new Obama administration. The money would be used for many infrastructure projects and other initiatives.

The proposal calls for funding for road projects, bridges and landscape construction, parklands and recreation areas, wastewater and environmental programs and green initiatives. If approved they say the projects could create 43,000 jobs.

The breakdown from local governments asks for

Erie County $685 milllion including 29,000 jobs
Town and Villages $600 million
City of Buffalo $622 million

The package will now go to the local congressional delegation who will have to push for it in Washington.

4 thoughts on “Oldie But Goodie (on Collins)”

  1. Where O Where did those stimuli jobs go Jim? Oh, that’s right they stimulated the political class and now Erie County has less jobs than before. FDRism at it’s finest.
    Poloncarz is no better, he takes from the bizarro Paul Krugman school of economics and says Collins didn’t stimulate enough.

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