Ron Paul Should Take the LP Nomination

It has always been my position that Ron Paul should try to get the GOP nomination and, failing that, run as an independent. The only practical way to run as an independent is through the Libertarian Party due to ballot access obstacles created by the power elite.

(I assume here that sore loser laws don’t apply or could be challenged in court.)

My reasoning is simple. America is in dire straights and electing Mitt Obama will make things worse. They are in agreement on virtually every major issue that has caused our decline. Romney has no chance to beat Obama anyway, so in my view Ron Paul running as the LP candidate at least keeps hope alive.

I do believe that Ron can win as an independent though it would be very diffcult. There is no scientific way to prove me wrong regardless of how confident you might be that I’m wrong. (Would you bet your left arm that I’m wrong? No. You wouldn’t!) Every historical moment is unique so past history simply does not apply.

It is virtually impossible at this point for Ron to win the GOP nomination, however, he should continue in that attempt and accept the LP nomination on May 5th. (If there is a legal issue here, let me know.) Walter Block has expatiated on that point with his usual acumen.

To the extent that the Ron Paul campaign is in it to win it, he must run 3rd party to keep that goal viable. To the extent his campaign seeks to educate the public and expand the Liberty Movement, again he must stay in the race to advance those goals.

My sources tell me that Ron can have the LP nomination for the asking.

I join my fellow Liberty Movement veterans Walter Block and Justin Raimondo in urging Ron Paul to continue the race as the Libertarian candidate.

13 thoughts on “Ron Paul Should Take the LP Nomination”

  1. hes not going to run as a third party and ruin his sons life as he’s trying to join republican leadership in the senate.

    you may think your delusions are more important than his own son, but you are wrong

  2. Let’s be clear about what all this Rand talk is really all about. It’s typical machine thuggery. The machine loves to go after people’s families or threaten to do so.

    The country is more important than Rand’s political future, by far.

  3. Let’s attempt to get factual here. It is not an absolute given that Romney can’t win, but his hopes lie only with the unemployment rate and far more importantly, gas prices. If gas is over five dollars, Obama loses, in spite of Romney’s shortcomings. The government will and has fixed the fake unemployment rate, which is really closer to 16 or 20%. If giveaways like food stamps and Medicaid are factored in, the de facto unemployment rate is well over 25%. In essence we make Greece look like Daniel Boone.

    I’m afraid, the cynical, well thought out strategy of the Obama Administration of give-aways to the American people has and will “work”, but the end result will be for the US to out-Greece, Greece and the best result of this will be that your ten grand in the bank today will be worth, at best, 2 grand in three years. A wonderful future indeed!

  4. The Liberty Movement, the ten percent of Americans who have woken up, will not support him. They’ll vote 3rd party or stay home. He’s dead.

  5. I assume you are speaking of Romney and you are no doubt accurate on that point, but even if Romney somehow did win over all of the said 10%, this will not overcome the tens of millions that have been bought and paid for via government giveaways, obtained via taxation from working Americans. This is also why even if Paul runs as an independent or Libertarian, he still must deal with the “giveaway class”, which numbers well over 100 million. The only real wild card in this race is gas prices, though a terrorist attack would ironically work in favor of Obama. As I previously stated, Obama minions are taking care of the unemployment BS stats, so the only item they have trouble fixing – gas prices – is the only unpredictable factor here. Americans will not vote for a third party candidate until their noses are in the street, which will happen if Obama is re-elected. The third party will only prevail in the throes of a calamity. We are not quite there yet. Look at the bright side of this doom and gloom forecast – We will never have to deal with that dread Hillary Clinton as president. Even Hillary would not have the chutzpah to run after a second “glorious” Obama term.

  6. John, this isn’t an insult-type site. Please make an intelligent comment or go elsewhere. If you used your real name, I’d would cut you more slack but you don’t.

  7. Obviously, Ron Paul’s best chance would be running as a Republican. That being so, he can’t allude to ruuning as the LP candidate at this point and expect to gain the support of Republicans. He still has leverage on issues that needs to be played out. At the appropriate time I believe he would choose his path over his son’s career because only a moron would tie Rand’s political career to his father’s actions. Perhaps I should say morons and die-hard neocon Republicans.

  8. Right, only a moron would think a dad might say “hey, my son is young, im 78, maybe i shouldnt completely fuck his life up so i can get 8% of the vote”

  9. Hi guys and happy Easter!

    Expect to hear the phrase “Tea Party” a lot between now and November. Expect to hear it a lot from the left, that is. Tea Party!

  10. You will hear a ton of Tea Party, Mormonism and Joseph Smith, especially from the biggest goofball of the screwball left, Lawrence O’Donnell, who makes an ass of himself for a living, and I do mean that literally. Oh, it would also be no fluke if this completely irrelevant “Fluke Freak” keeps popping up. There should be a symmetrical mathematical formula correlating the rise in gas prices with the mentioning of Fluke by name. The left is nothing if not entertaining and of course thoroughly predictable.

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