Ron Paul in Upstate NY Thursday



Jim Ostrowski
Ron Paul delegate cand. NY-27
(716) 435-8918

Buffalo, NY. April 15, 2012. Ron Paul, the chief obstacle to liberal Republican candidate Mitt Romney, will speak at Cornell University on Thursday at 7pm. Because Ron is the only Republican candidate for president who can draw a real, unpaid, crowd, reservations are recommended for the 4500-seat venue.

The media has falsely reported that Romney has a lock on the nomination but in truth NO ONE knows how many delegates he actually has or how many Ron Paul has. This is thanks in part to the GOP’s absurdly complex delegate selection rules that vary from state to state.

The liberal media, which is in the tank for their hero, loves to report that Romney is the nominee because they think, correctly, that he has little chance of beating Obama.

Recent polls show Ron Paul has the best chance of beating Obama. Obama’s consultants are believed to be terrified of running against Ron Paul because he polls best where Obama is strong.

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