Tallying the Votes for Ron Paul

Yesterday, I announced my endorsement for Ron Paul as a write-in candidate for President. Now, in NY and most states, those votes won’t “count” since these states don’t allow for the filing of an Electoral College delegate slate. But no third party votes will count anyway since none of the candidates have a chance to win.

The larger problem is that boards of elections generally neither count write-in votes nor release them publicly. I actually worked as a consultant for a serious local write-in candidate. The board never counted or announced his vote though we were able to estimate it based on the total number of votes cast and the announced vote for his opponent.

The lack of a vote tabulation for write-ins is a major disincentive to cast such a ballot.

My solution is to have volunteers go to each board in the 3000 counties and count the votes manually. I will do that in Erie County. I would ask other volunteers to send me their results and will publish the results here and on Twitter, Facebook and the Daily Paul. I will also announce the results to the press.

The goal is to encourage Ron Paul write-in votes by assuring people that their votes will be counted.

I will also monitor media reports to determine if the percentages used for Obama-Romney factor in all the write-ins. If not, I will rat them out.

Spread the word.


Jim Ostrowski

3 thoughts on “Tallying the Votes for Ron Paul”

  1. There is also an effort to centrally count affidavits of people who wrote him in. I don’t know the people running it, but I did write Ron Paul in in CA (where he is now an official certified write in!) However, being an official certified write in in 2008 didn’t get his votes counted very promptly, we had to ride people to get them counted. Some people in PA I had heard were going to use your approach. I think all these efforts are great. Here is the write in affidavit site (as I said I don’t know them.) http://writeinron2012.com/writeinBlog/

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