The President Lied To The Sheeple

Let’s face it, the vast amount of the individuals who reside within the borders of the United States qualify as ‘sheeple”. The only truly relevant sheeple are those that vote, as they influence who is elected and spends their money. Today we find out that President Obama (the president of the sheeple), intentionally lied to that crucial minority of you sheeple, who without this key lie would have never voted for him. He stated back in 2010 that you would be able to keep your old health care. He knew he was lying way back then.

Let me throw the curve ball of the century here and say this is the best thing Obama has done in his dismal “presidency”. I am a firm and informed believer that of the many elderly sheeple that Obama conned in his promise, the vast majority of you will be MUCH better off without conventional medicine help. Let’s put this very simple. You can measure your life expectancy by the amount of pharmaceuticals you take daily. The more you take, the quicker your demise. Of course the con man in chief has no clue about health care, so his actions are actually helpful to you. Under the doctor in chief your daily “poison” dosage would have doubled and likely tripled.

This is a blessing in disguise for seniors who Obama intended to screw. Stop taking 30 pharmaceuticals a day and begin researching, trying and taking natural solutions to your respective health problems. Barry is using you for his political ends. Do yourself a favor for once in your life. Take charge of your own health care. It is admittedly hard work and a younger member of your family would be helpful, but at all costs run fast and far from “government healthcare help” and steer clear of whatever the president advises you on any topic especially your health. Today is the first day of your post-Barry lie life. Enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “The President Lied To The Sheeple”

  1. It’s been hard to keep up with all the lies, the progressive deceit is overwhelming. I’ve always said you can’t trust a collectivist.

    The sheeple will soon find themselves without a doctor that will accept a plan from the Oboma-Fascist marketplace.

    From the Washington Times—
    “Only 23 percent of 409 New York doctors queried by the State Medical Society said they’re accepting patients who have enrolled in an Obamacare health exchange.
    And another 33 percent haven’t decided whether or not to take the patients and become official Obamacare providers, The New York Post reported.”

  2. This is progressive failure on steroids. Usually the progressive elites like slow failure so the sheeple won’t notice how badly they are getting screwed like with Medicare and Medicaid.

  3. Agreed, but you must add that at least 80% of progressives are NIMBYS and would never take their own philosophical advice.

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