The Forced Purchase Theory of the State

Almost everything the State does can be conceived as a forced purchase. The State through taxation and regulation makes us poorer by forcing us directly or indirectly to buy crap we don’t want, don’t need and can’t afford.

Perhaps it’s anomalous to characterize as a purchase a transaction done at the point of the State’s gun, however, that is what the State and its proponents think they are doing. They don’t think they are stealing from us. They think they are making us do something that is good for us and they purport to take our money via taxes and provide some product or service they think we need. Or, in the case of regulations, they think they are making us buy a better product or service than we would buy if left to our own devices.

Thus, I think it is wise to deal with these forced purchases in a straightforward manner and explain why they are actually bad for us and make us poorer.

I also believe there are rhetorical advantages to this approach. In spite of the growth of the Liberty Movement in recent years, libertarians have been notoriously unsuccessful in explaining their philosophy and gaining new converts. We have certainly failed to roll back the State and in fact, as our movement grows, so does the State and even faster!

For example, very few members of the American public, 80% of whom are in some sense broke or living week to week, blame the government for their plight. They are more likely to blame the greed of large corporations.

I believe by explaining why a massive amount of forced purchases make us all poorer, we can make the public better understand the truly catastrophic and deleterious economic impact of the State on their daily lives. No other approach has worked so far in the 45 year life of the Liberty Movement.


Yet another advantage of this approach is that conservatives are already committed to opposing forced purchases of goods and services such as Obamacare. We simply have to explain to them than many of their own policies involve forcing people to buy crap they don’t want. For example, conservatives force me to buy Asian land wars, massive illegal spying on Americans and the war on drugs they took over from the progressives and made their own.

3 thoughts on “The Forced Purchase Theory of the State”

  1. It’s something like Stockholm syndrome, the sheeple among the public like their oppressors, they feel like they are a part of the gang, they think their vote gives them some say in how much stolen loot they can get from the forced purchases of others, and they feel like soldiers fighting against whatever bogymen their captors choose to divert their attention too while their pockets are being picked from behind and their chains are being tightened.

  2. Unless you have severe trauma, need an organ transplant or complicated brain surgery, do your best to avoid the medical profession, especially now that you have a new doctor-in-chief who doesn’t know what he is doing.

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