Time to End Water Fluoridation

For many years, I have read an increasing number of reports about the negative health effects of water fluoridation.  Yet, I was busy with other matters and there was nothing I could do.  However, my guilt over allowing this toxic chemical to be intentionally put into my children’s water supply every day has gotten to be too much and I have decided to force this issue onto my already crammed schedule and fast.

Possible or probable ill health effects include:

Lower IQ and other neurological effects, damage to organs such as the pineal and thyroid glands, damage to bones, damage to teeth, and arthritis.

For more details, see this report.

I will shortly publish a petition to end water fluoridation in Erie County and elsewhere where there is citizen interest.

The petition will be presented to the proper officials, in this case, obscure authorities who control the water.

I sincerely hope that the various commissioners see the light and end this archaic practice.

Failing that, I will go to court to stop the madness and this will happen sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned and let me know if you want to be on my email list for updates on this project.

Jim Ostrowski


2 thoughts on “Time to End Water Fluoridation”

  1. One of the cornerstones of any health plan should include a reliable high quality water filter. Anyone in this or any country who still drinks tap water is in desperate need of a hug and then a whole lot more. I’ll go out on a limb. If you drink tap water, I guarantee the rest of your diet will make me cringe and I’m certainly not perfect. When it comes to the government and things like harmful tap water, be proactive. Waiting for them to do the right thing with respect to your health will be like “Waiting For Godot”.

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