Definition of a Liberal

A person who thinks that we can improve society by pointing government guns at people who are minding their own business. Corollary: In so doing, liberals somehow manage to feel morally and intellectual superior to the victims of their legalized violence.

Example, as reported in the News today, the limousine liberals want to make it illegal for landlords to consider the wealth of their potential tenants. This would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. That’s what you do when you’re a good landlord–you find out if your tenants can pay the darn rent!

Landlords have to be extremely careful about who they rent to, among other reasons, because liberals have made it fairly difficult to evict bad tenants.

If liberals want to make “housing opportunities more equal,” nothing is stopping them from pooling their vast resources and buying rental property for all those who they feel are being discriminated against.

I love beating up on limousine liberals. In this article, I define that species of the genus liberal as follows:

Limousine liberals are wealthy people, usually white, who usually live in wealthy white neighborhoods, but who insist on telling the poor, minorities and the working class how to live and with whom to live. Limousine liberals or their forebearers brought us the war on drugs (million man march to prison), urban renewal (people removal), public housing (resembling prisons), the Vietnam War (mass murder), and government schools – also resembling prisons – most of them wouldn’t think of sending their children to.

Limousine liberals are elitists who think that common folk are just too stupid to live in freedom. Though their rhetoric emphasizes their deep concern and compassion for the common man, their true feeling is one of contempt for his ability to function without continual external direction from “the best and the brightest.”

So they support centralizing power in distant capitals and glorify those like Lincoln who made it all possible. (See, Mario Cuomo’s new book.) With education, centralizing power in state capitals was not enough. They had to set up a Department of Education in Washington, so the ultra-elites can issue orders to the mid-level elites. And they call me “arrogant”!

Let me just add that my use of the word “liberal” is strictly limited to its modern American meaning. In other times and places, the word was and is used to describe people who believe in individual liberty. Not here, not now.

2 thoughts on “Definition of a Liberal”

  1. Dear Jim:

    Faith & Force the Destroyer of the Modern World, was the title of an essay by Ayn Rand on the subject of the modern Liberal. I don’t remember all of it as it was a long while ago that I read it, but the title stuck with me.

    You have laid it out better than anything I have seen on this surge of civilization, [The Modern Liberal: and thank you again and again for it.]

    It is truly unbelievable that people of wealth and power would bite the hand that feeds it. “Capitalism.”

    In Life, Liberty, Freedom, and Limited Constitutional Government and many, many thanks for defence of it. I remain sincerely, J. (Billy) VerPlanck

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