Newest Author!

PCD would like to welcome its newest author, Glenn Jacobs! Glenn is a talented writer who has his own freedom-loving blog,The Adventures of Citizen X, which is a must-read! He’s also well-versed in austrian economics and is capable of expressing it in easy to understand terms. My wife is a big fan! She’s told me that his open letter to Robert Reich was the best expression of free market economics she’s read. If only our federal administrators were as receptive. On behalf of everyone at PCD, welcome aboard, Glenn!

3 thoughts on “Newest Author!”

  1. Welcome aboard Glenn. Your TVA article is the antidote for Obama’s ‘smart grid’ wealth and entrepreneurship destruction plan.

  2. “History has repeatedly shown that when too much power falls into too few hands, bad things happen to the people”

    From the last post on Glenn’s blog…

    I need say no more…

    I’ll tell you what guys, we are a growing army of like minded individuals….

  3. With Glenn on board, as Marv Levy used to say, “where else would you rather be than right here, right now.”

    After 60 years of hard work, the libertarian movement will go mainstream this year and we will be on the frontlines.

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