Buffalo Tea Party Tomorrow Noon

The Buffalo branch of the great nationwide tea party will be tomorrow, Friday, at noon at Lafayette Square in downtown Buffalo.

The event is co-sponsored by Jill Malzer-Sinclair, President, JEM Insurance Agency Inc. and Free New York. Jill is the coordinator for the event and can be reached at (716) 903-9968.

Be there and bring a nasty sign and some war paint.

This is a nationwide event with rallies in over 40 cities.

For more information.

17 thoughts on “Buffalo Tea Party Tomorrow Noon”

  1. I wish I knew about this before…. Dam, what a time to actually have work to pay my bills.

    We have to do another one that is focused on the state.

  2. We need a big WNY event on say, April 18, and then a big nationwide series of events on July 4th.

  3. Short notice. Unfortunately have to work so I can pay our taxes and, with what’s left, bills. Great idea! Next time?

  4. Wish I had read this earlier. Would love to participate. We need a revolt in NY State before everyone is gone!!!!!

  5. Fighting Bush hard all eight years on all issues.

    Where are you now that a guy with a different name is doing the same things?

  6. Ryan, the democrats got us in this mess just as much, if not more, than Bush did or could have. I’m sure you will ignore the fact that Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac were democrat created problems and it was the dems that forced the banks to lend to people who should not have been allowed to borrow.
    Bush was not perfect but your buddy Obama is raising spending to levels that dwarf anything Bush did.
    I do not expect you to agree but you should know that not everyone blames Bush for everything like you do.
    Also, Bush was pres of all 50 states and not every state is as destitute as NY. So the big NY problem is not Bush’s fault.

  7. “…the democrats got us in this mess just as much, if not more, than Bush did or could have.” Right. Republicans has complete control for 6 of the last eight years.

    When Bush took office, there was a 236 million dollar budget surplus. After 4 years there was a 477 million dollar deficit. That is a total of 713 billion dollars. And that is just in the first 4 years.!!!

    Where were the “Tea Party”‘s from conservatives then? Obama has been in charge for 1 month and you want to protest? Give me a break.

  8. I see the whole gist of that e-mail, it’s banish the libertarians and in with the conservatives with their ill defined “values”.

    Ryan, the conservatives were too busy licking Bush’s boots, no time to see his liberalism and protest.

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