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Thanks, I think this article sums up the essence of what the movement will need in 2 ways:

Gandhi for Capitalists

1. Don’t cooperate with ones persecutors.
2. Independence building entrepreneurship is fundamental.

My best guesses at the moment on the American version of ‘make your own salt and spin your own cloth’ are:
-grow food in defiance of future price controls.
-store guns in defiance of future confiscation.
-create and use a gold and commodities as money trading system in defiance of future inflation and gold confiscation.
-build ones own home and supporting infrastructure in the country in defiance of the ‘force everyone into the cities‘ plan.
-create a customer built internet based on mesh networking.
-mentally and otherwise prepare to be a self reliant entrepreneur in an ‘under ground’ economy out of necessity.

These items will be the movements first focus, with a medium term goal of an ‘outside the system’ capitalism and a slightly longer term goal of nullification.
Those steps will correspond with the detorioration and historic collapse and aftermath of the economy over the next 2 years.
We have a huge advantage right now in that our economics study has given us advance warning of what will come. So all we have to do
is keep warning about it and pointing to a real free market as the answer, and also make some steps to prove that point, which will be the above
guesses. What Peter Schiff is saying is very similar to what older school commentators where saying in the 70′s and 80′s about the gold standard,
deficit spending and the switch from production to services and the resulting trade imbalance. People have mostly forgotten what was said back then,
but when one remembers it, it’s clear what Schiff is saying is right. Those commentators from the 70′s and 80′s actually were right, the effects
where just delayed due to the use of the dollar’s reserve currency status like a long term ever worsening credit card balance.

Schiff has been saying that the collapse he has been warning about hasn’t happened yet, and I think when comparing current economic and political news
to the early 1930′s, that he’s right. The fed, fdic, fanny mae, US bond system, dollar flood dam, traditional banking system, and more, are all maxed right to
the very edge right now. With the stimulus bill, Obama’s budget and continued dollar printing policies, not to mention the coming inflation hit from the first trillion printed 5 months ago,
there is simply no way there won’t be an economic catastrophe. An additional hidden thing below that few are talking about, is that the production capacity of the US
is very poor and damaged compared to what it used to be. That capacity was gradually replaced by the reserve currency credit card balance. So Americans
assume we are still in the strong country that existed in 1971, and thus will some how finesse these totally unprecedented problems, but that’s not the case.
Americans have been deceived about the economic condition of the country due to the reserve currency situation. I think a sudden catastrophic collapse is most likely,
probably within a year, but if the government is very lucky they may succeed in noticing the collapse forming and then abruptly switch the nation to a martial law economy,
and with additional luck may somewhat slow down the collapse for a few months while transitioning to an absolute state. Americans thus also need to be educated that a
collapse at this point is pretty much inevitable, and actually was inevitable since 1971, and that martial law type responses will only make it worse.


>Subject: Re: Tax Revolt Rallies Planned
>James Ostrowski wrote:
> March 28, April 18, July 4

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