Obama Repeats LBJ’s Mistakes

From PJB at TAC:

History never repeats itself exactly. But Barack Obama is making the same mistakes today that LBJ made in 1965.

He has ordered 17,000 more U.S. troops into Afghanistan, as the situation deteriorates and the NATO allies pull out. He has no exit strategy. He has read a repudiation of George Bush as a mandate for a government seizure of wealth and power that exceeds anything attempted in the Great Society.

Fully half of the $3.55 trillion in spending Obama will preside over this year will not be covered by tax revenue but by red ink. The money will have to be borrowed from abroad or printed by the Fed.

Not only is Barack running a deficit four times as large as Bush’s largest, he has called for $1 trillion in new taxes on America’s most successful, who have already seen their savings and pensions ravaged.

He wants a cap-and-trade system to deal with a global-warming or climate-change crisis many scientists believe is a hoax. He is going to provide health care for all, including immigrants, millions of whom arrive uninsured every year. He is going to plunge scores of billions more into education, though education has eaten up the wealth of an empire, as SAT scores sink further and further below the apogee of 1964, before LBJ and the feds barged in. He is going to ask Congress for authority to spend another $750 billion rescuing the banks. More…

54 thoughts on “Obama Repeats LBJ’s Mistakes”

  1. I don’t agree with the way your framing the question Joe, it’s somewhat deceptive. Taxes may or may not be collected for a single purpose. Federal taxes are used to cover a wide range of programs. In my view, the morality of the decision to spend tax dollars depends on the morality of the program for which the tax dollars are consumed. Taxation like guns, law, etc. isn’t inherently moral or immoral. It’s amoral.

  2. “How do we know if an intended goal is right enough to be morally allowable?”

    That depends on your interpretation of morality.

  3. Max, you’d make a great dictator. You’ve got an excuse for everything. You’ve claimed the word “morality” has no plain English meaning, but is something abstract that can be interpreted in any way you want.

  4. Are there any pro government spending people who believe the state should be limited in any way? Are there any pro government spending people who don’t believe morality is infinitely redefinable? It’s pretty hard not to conclude that the socialist-marxist agenda has completely taken over modern universities. Educated people literally don’t believe in morality anymore, nor any limits whatsoever on government.

    And the response to anyone who disagrees with that is the standard marxist one, use relativism to avoid any logical discussion of morality or economics, and appeal to emotionalism to push ones own agenda for more government spending. In the few weeks I’ve been actively commenting I’ve seen this several times. It’s not something I even wanted to admit, and actually went out of my way to avoid admitting. However the truth is undeniable. It begs the question if it’s a waste of time to try to have a logical discussion about economics, morality or the government with anyone who has indoctrinated by the sates schools. It seems the time of libertarian activists is much better spent reaching out to people who were lucky enough to avoid college.

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