How We Can Win the Second American Revolution Without Firing a Shot

Written by James Ostrowski on April 15, 2009 – 8:41 pm -

How We Can Win the Second American Revolution Without Firing a Shot

A Tea Party Manifesto

by James Ostrowski

Ladies and Gentlemen.

I have news for you. Barack Obama is not the problem with America. He is merely the symptom. When big government failed, the people, not knowing what went wrong, went for the fresh face who promised that government would solve the problems the people didn’t know government caused in the first place.

America went off course many, many decades ago. Blaming Obama for our problems is like saying a 500 pound man is fat because he just ate three pizzas. Obama is the captain of the Titanic and his ship is speeding recklessly along, but he did not design the ship nor place that giant iceberg in its path.

The tragedy is that the American people do not know why the economy collapsed. They do not know the nature of the regime that runs the country. They do not know that this regime is not the regime for which the Founding Fathers and Mothers fought. They do not know what the regime was that the Founders fought for. Finally, they do not know that the solution to our economic collapse is to restore that regime.

What were those Minute Men fighting for at Lexington and Concord? A republic of largely independent states. They weren’t fighting for the Constitution. There was no Constitution. They were fighting for a republic that would protect their natural right to liberty.

What is a republic? There’s much confusion about this. We must get this right. John Adams once complained that he “never understood” what the guarantee of republican government meant “and I believe no man ever did or will.” With apologies to John Adams, by “republican,” I mean a government exercising limited powers delegated to it by the people, whose officials are answerable to the people in regular, free elections.

Distinguishing between a republic and a democracy is critical. Both forms of government feature voting by the people to select officials. The difference between them is that while republican voting is done for the purpose of choosing officials to administer the government in the pursuit of its narrowly defined functions; democratic voting is done, not only to select officials but also to determine the functions and goals and powers of the government. The guiding principle of republics is that they exercise narrow powers delegated to them by the people, who themselves, as individuals, possess such powers. They cannot spring as they do in democracies, ex nihilo, from the mob’s collective whim.

Only a republican government can be truly limited. A republican government may only exercise powers delegated by the people that the people actually possess. The people do not have the right to steal from their neighbors so they cannot delegate to the government the power to create a welfare state. The people don’t have the right to counterfeit so they cannot delegate that power to the Federal Reserve. The people do not have the right to rule the world so they cannot delegate to the government the right to create a global military empire. You see where I am going with this? If we had a republic, we wouldn’t be in the bloody mess we are in.

In a democracy, there are no real limits to government power. If you object, you will always be told, hey, majority rules.
Long before Barack Obama was born, America traded in its decentralized libertarian republic for a centralized, democratic, corporate state with a global military empire. You can’t destroy a great country immediately. By the 1970’s, however, the corporate state, the welfare-warfare state started to cause economic stagnation and an endless series of domestic and foreign crises. Middle class living standards have been frozen in place for decades. Our standard of living was only maintained by smoke and mirrors: young mothers joining the workforce, parents working three jobs, credit card and mortgage debt, huge federal deficits, inflation and foreign borrowing. What is happening now is judgment day, the day of reckoning, the day the national Ponzi scheme collapsed. To con the people into thinking that all was well, our puppet masters created a lot of phony money and the bill is now due.

Now, the solution to all this is quite simple. Here’s what we need to do.

1. Liquidate the global military empire, ending the two Asian land wars that George Bush got us into and the Democrats and Obama helped pay for.

2. Take the savings, trillions, and liquidate the federal welfare state, buying out all Social Security recipients with lump sum payments.

3. Abolish all the unconstitutional departments and programs like Education, Energy, HUD, HHS, and Agriculture.

4. Then we can repeal the Goddamned Income Tax Amendment, the worst thing that ever happened to this country, except for possibly–

5. The Federal Reserve–abolish it. Repeal the legal tender laws and gold and silver will automatically become market money.

6. Now, add a couple of amendments to bring the moribund Constitution back to life. Ban all corporate welfare so we never again have bankster heists and corporate bailouts. And, since true federalism was destroyed in the Civil War, let’s recognize what the Founders understood in 1776, that any republic has the right to withdraw from a union when it so chooses. That will guarantee that the federal government will never again turn into a monstrous, murderous, counterfeiting kleptocacy.

Now, that was easy, but if that platform was put up to a vote, it would lose, big-time.

So our real problem is how to put this plan into effect, how to restore the Republic, in short, how to win the Second American Revolution.

History—Pickett’s Charge; The Charge of the Light Brigade–shows what happens when a smaller army attacks a larger army in a heavily fortified position. They lose!

The sad truth is, though we want to restore the spirit of the American Revolution, we are outnumbered by Red Coats!
The vast majority of Americans now support Red Coat government: an arrogant King in a big castle, with a large court, ruling by edict from a distant capital, endless wars across the ocean for a global empire, and heavy taxes to pay for those wars. And we are now embroiled in two land wars in Asia in countries that previously expelled the British! That’s why Rudyard Kipling wrote:

When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
And the women come out to cut up what remains,
Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.
Go, go, go like a soldier,
So-oldier of the Queen!

Maybe the Loyalists who fled to Canada should come back home. After all, the British ultimately won the Revolutionary War. Their ideas prevailed. The Revolution is dead—unless the tea party movement can revive it.

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that about ten percent of Americans are fed up and ready for radical change. That means that 90% are not. That’s a huge problem. Remember that at Lexington, when the government gun controllers and tax collectors came up the road, the men of the town greeted them with muskets ready to fire. Today, if we did that, most of the men of the town would side with the federales.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in 1770 again, when there was a small number of radicals who wanted independence but most people wanted to stay with England.

Being outnumbered doesn’t mean we can’t win. History also teaches that a smaller, more dedicated army, with a just cause, can prevail against a larger, mercenary force. But we need to become more dedicated, more committed, and at the end of the day, we need to get larger. We need converts just as the Patriots did.

So, our first task is obvious: education. We need to educate ourselves before we can educate others. We need to study the history and principles of the American Revolution. We need to study war and peace. War is the health of the state. We need to study economics.

Let’s take a quick look at the American Revolution.

• England needed money for war.
• They taxed the Colonists.
• The Colonists didn’t want to pay.
• England sent troops and tax collectors armed with general warrants to find taxable stuff.
• The Colonists got angry and threatened resistance.
• The English decided to seize the Colonists’ guns.
• War broke out.


• War means high taxes.
• Taxes mean invasion of privacy.
• To steal your money and violate your privacy, the government must disarm you first.
• You have the natural right to resist tyranny.
• Gun control was the proximate cause of the American Revolution.
• America was born in an act of resistance to gun control!


Economics. Did you know that if the American people understood one simple principle, that we could shrink the size of government by 90% in three months. What principle? All resources are scarce. If we could only understand that principle, which just happens to be the first law of economics, then all the politicians’ lies about adding new programs like the bailout and stimulus would be laughed at.

So, we need to teach ourselves economics at home school—the living room laptop or the desk top computer in the attic or basement.

What does the free market have to do with the Republic? Everything! Republican government exists to protect private property. The free market is the free exchange of private property. A true republic can only have a free market economy.

Why can’t a republic have a global military empire?

An empire is designed to rule other nations for their benefit or ours. If it’s the former, it violates the purpose of a republic as limited to protecting the rights of its own citizens, not the planet’s. If it’s the latter, then the republic violates its own premise, the natural rights of all human beings. Empires require huge armies and bureaucracies and oppressive taxes which violate our right to private property, the right to keep what we earn. Empires, as Washington taught us, invite retaliation and thus the government betrays its only true purpose by jeopardizing the lives and security of its citizens by pointlessly manufacturing foreign enemies.

Once we understand our own history, the dynamics of war and peace and the principles of market economics, we need to start making more Patriots. Start with your family and friends, then co-workers, customers, clients, neighbors and members of your church or your gym if fitness is your religion.

Can you all convert 25 Patriots this year? If not, we will lose this fight.

What else can we do?

Remember, a direct assault when you are outnumbered will fail.

But we do not have to wait till we make more coverts to move towards our goal.

Let me back up and discuss strategy generally. We neglect strategy at our peril. Keep in mind that no movement such as ours has succeeded in its goal since Jefferson’s day.

There are only three ways to change politics.

Violence, political activity and direct citizen action.

Violence is out of the question. That’s our adversary’s tactic. That’s why we are here today. We favor liberty over violence, peace over war. Liberty = Peace = Order. Pierre Proudhon was wrong. Liberty is not the “Mother of Order.”
Liberty is order.

What about politics—lobbying and elections? Politics is rigged. Most politicians are corrupt degenerates and couldn’t care less what we think. And the last time an election led to smaller government in America was—-guess—-1800!
I have been fighting the political machine for 35 years and I firmly believe that direct citizen action is the only way we can beat them.

What is direct citizen action? Instead of convincing some bought-and-paid-for politician to change his little mind, or spending all summer trying to beat them at a rigged game and get good people elected, you choose your own battle ground and you choose courses of action that are designed to achieve your goal.

Direct citizen action is hardly a new concept. Ever hear of the Boston Tea Party? And it’s what Gandhi used to topple the British Empire. It’s what Martin Luther King used to fight Jim Crow.

We need to think about the things we do every day and figure out how we can integrate our movement into those daily routines. One thing we do every day is spend money. We buy things. We buy services. We pay bills.

How do politicians win elections? By buying TV time. Where do they get the money? Much of it comes from private businesses or private persons who run or own business firms. We know who they are and so I say to you: stop slitting your own throats. Stop buying things from business firms that fund the political machine and fund the corporate state and fund big government.

Now you can go down to Congressman Higgins’ office and talk to his staff till you’re blue in the face about getting rid of the Federal Reserve. They will ignore you and, when you leave, they will have a good laugh at your expense. Or, you can stop giving your money to his bankrollers. One tactic is a complete waste of time. The other will hurt his ability to raise money. If he can’t raise money, we can beat him when our numbers grow.

Boycott the bankers of the political class. Starve the Red Coats and Loyalists!

Now, if you are boycotting those fat cats and their firms, you are going to have to spend your money elsewhere. Here too you can directly aid the movement with each purchase. If we have ten percent of the population on our side, we probably have twenty-five percent of small businesses. Small business owners are natural libertarians. You don’t have to tell them how taxes are oppressive and how government regulations can strangle them. They know it because they live that nightmare each day. So I say, buy from Patriots. They will return the favor later in too many ways to imagine now. To hell with Red Coat companies. In this country, money talks. In politics, it’s the only thing that does.

You want to win this fight? You want a free country? Buy it!

How do we know which businesses to patronize? Easy. Look for the Betsy Ross flag, the flag the Patriots flew.
We need to get people’s attention. We need a new symbol because the current symbols of patriotism have lost their meaning. What does the current flag stand for? Limited government? A true republic? Minding our own business in the world as Washington advised? Obviously not. In fact, the flag is used to glorify a regime that would make the Patriots sick to their stomachs.

So I propose that we use the Betsy Ross flag to symbolize our movement. Our adversaries have their symbols; we will have better ones.

There is a great symbol out there for the taking that is universally understood to stand for the old republic. I propose we bring it to life again as the symbol of our movement and, further, to use it as a battle flag. Battle flags serve the critical function of identifying allies during the chaos of battle. When we see that flag, wherever we are in the country, we know there will be a kindred spirit behind that door.

As this movement grows, these flags will start dominating the landscape and we will know that victory is near.
Here’s another form of direct citizen action you can take. The original Patriots did not trust government, including prosecutors or judges. They knew the only way to restrain the power of government was by external checks and balances. They gave us two: the right to bear arms and juries. Naturally, they have tried to take both of these rights away from us. The right to bear arms is safe for the moment but let’s talk about juries.

The original concept of a jury was that it could override the judge on matters of law. Call that jury nullification. Every prominent founder who was a lawyer stated explicitly that juries have the right to judge the law itself and whether it would be unjust to convict a defendant for violating that law under the circumstances.

Tyrannical judges have ruled otherwise, thus overruling the Constitution by judicial fiat.

The bottom line is this. The founders believed you have a constitutional right to judge the law in a criminal case and any judge who says otherwise hasn’t studied our constitutional history.

The purpose of republican government is to protect the individual’s right to life, liberty and property. The Founders created a jury system to ensure that no one was convicted of a crime unless they violated the life, liberty or property of a fellow citizen. If you get a jury notice, don’t grumble. Show up and assert your rights and keep in mind that no one can tell you how to cast your vote in that jury room.

Now, just for the record, I’m not saying jurors should violate the law and lie to judges about their willingness to follow their instructions on the law. What I’m saying is that judges should follow the law and should not lie to jurors!
So, there are things you can do yourself and right now to move toward restoration of the Republic.

Make a list of the people you know and who respect your opinion. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, clients, customers. Write them a letter and tell them you have joined a movement to restore the American Republic and save the nation from the Red Coats who have destroyed it. Invite them to do the same. Host a meeting at your home to discuss the matter further.

Before that meeting, educate yourself about the history of your country, about economics, about the Federal Reserve, the income tax and the true nature of the present regime. We have created a web page with all the resources you will need.

Immunize yourself from the lies of politicians. If any politician tells you they will improve your life, they’re lying. Don’t believe them. How do know a politician is lying? Their lips are moving. Teach your children not to believe them either. A politician will tell you face to face he will do this or that for you, then, as soon as you turn your back on him, he will pick your pocket to pay for the same promise he made to your neighbor.

Tolstoy wrote the politician’s credo:

“I sit on a man’s back, choking him and making him carry me, and yet assure myself and others that I am very sorry for him and wish to ease his lot by all possible means – except by getting off his back.”

So, you need to withdraw your support for the corrupt regime the federal government has become. That’s easy. Just stop. Stop voting for those degenerates and don’t vote for their opponents either unless they are Patriots. Stop being silent when people talk about politics. State your opinion clearly. Tell people you’ve joined the Second American Revolution and urge them to do so as well.

You can also start to support the new media sites that are already fighting this battle. A website is no better than its traffic. If you patronize sites such as, you make us more influential so we can fight harder for you. When you’re surfing the web, consider if the sites you frequent are part of the problem.

And stop supporting authors and magazines that led us astray in recent years. Stop funding organizations whose policies have failed. Stop supporting websites whose policies have failed. You need to go out and find those authors, groups, websites, books and magazines such as Ilana Mercer of World Net Daily who got it right the last ten years. We have created a page with those links.

Use the Betsy Ross flag; patronize business firms that fly or display the flag; stop patronizing Red Coat firms that take your money and hand it off to the political class. Stop slitting your owns throats. Stop giving your money to the bankers of the political class.

If you serve on a jury, educate yourself about your constitutional right to decide the case based on your conscience. No judge or fellow juror can tell you that you must convict someone of a victimless crime if you believe there is reasonable doubt.

To sum up, here’s a 12-step program for how you can start to restore the American Republic.

1. Decide that you’ve had enough. You want to do something to reverse America’s economic collapse. That something is nothing less than restoring the American republic. America’s problems of today were caused by the abandonment of that Republic slowly over a long period of time. Pledge allegiance to the principles of the American Revolution.

2. Write a letter to your family, friends and neighbors declaring your support for restoring the American Republic.

3. Invite them to a meeting.

4. Educate yourself on American history, politics and economics.

5. Hold the meeting and explain to them what you have learned and urge them to do the same and then hold their own meeting with their own social circle.

6. Display the symbol of the restoration of the republic, the Betsy Ross flag.

7. Patronize businesses that display this flag.

8. Boycott businesses that bankroll the political class.

9. Educate yourself on the rights of jurors. If you are called for jury duty, understand that the founding fathers designed the system as a check on government power. Remember that when you are in the jury room deliberating.

10. Patronize books, blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, think tanks, and political groups that were right about the economic collapse., and others. See our page for a complete list.

11. For political activism, join an existing Patriot group. Don’t reinvent the wheel. See our page for recommended groups. While I believe that politics is not our best field of battle at the moment, as our movement grows, we will soon be able to launch a successful frontal assault on the political class.

12. Follow these websites for continuing developments:

Will this plan succeed? I believe it will if it gets a good start. I believe if it gets started, it will be unstoppable, like an idea whose time has come—back.

But this I know for certain. If we do not try to spark a Second American Revolution, we will fail and you, and your children, and your grandchildren, will never know what it is like to live in the America that was supposed to be. And, with the government always strengthening its stranglehold on the schools, they won’t even have a historical memory of it.

George Washington, who led the fight in battle for the American Revolution, and knew a thing or two about adversity, about temporary defeat, about being outnumbered, about being accused of treason, and about being shot at by Red Coats, said, “Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages.”

So in closing I urge you make this pledge. I pledge allegiance to the principles of the American Revolution, stated by Jefferson, and for which the Minute Men and Washington’s Army fought: that government’s only purpose is to protect our natural rights to life, liberty, and property; that any government that does “more” than protect our natural rights must thereby violate those same rights and become a tyranny that the people have the right to alter or abolish. I pledge to resist that tyranny by peaceful means if at all possible.

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  2. Werner PatelsNo Gravatar Says:

    You shouldn’t wish for Canadians to return to the US. Most Canadians today are totally in love with the idea of Big Government and they actually enjoy being taxed to death (the Canadian tax burden gobbles up at least 45% of a family’s annual income, making taxes the number one spending item for Canadian households, ahead of the bare necessities like food, clothing and shelter, thus effectively violating basic human rights!!!!).

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    This is very insightfull and impresive, you must be really bugging about the things you percieve,me too. Are you active? heres a link to a post I left today in my group, your voice needs to be heard..Now. C. C
    check it out you are needed, please join me and the resistance, friend me when you join, and use me as a ref to get in, as the site is trool protected, C.

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    Very emancipating! I can’t believe this post doesn’t have thousands of comments. This must be spread near and far! This is a great starting point for the REAL CHANGE we all seek. You offer concrete ways in which we all can Restore the Republic. Thank you and I’ll be flying the Betsy Ross flag tomorrow!

  7. James OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks Bill.

    We are just getting started. Please pass the word.

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    Brilliant. I’ve sent this to almost my entire email list. Discussions to follow, I’m sure.

  10. James OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    Thank you Sir!

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    Excellent ideas, so original and true. Keep up the great work!

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    whoops sorry – thought that was the end of the article!

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  19. Jeffrey ClarkNo Gravatar Says:

    Regardless of the specifics, history clearly documents one thing. Change is inevitable. The only question for people of all nations, which side will you be on? By not taking action, you will have a side chosen for you. While I do not agree with everything Mr. Ostrowski has written, am appalled at the lack of comments to this article. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”, I believe is one of the most misused quotes of our time. Answer the question for yourself. If you expect someone else to answer it for you, then we already know which side you are on.

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    The only difference today ,You would be fighting your own Countrymen backed by the UN troops..Guns will not be enough..If you cannot win the minds of the people we are doomed to serve their interests..All would loose..

  22. nobodyNo Gravatar Says:

    You don’t even have a plan to tell friend from foe..Who would you draw down on ? You would only end up with other thugs running thing anyway..Face reality the heart & minds have to be won ..Replace selfish benefit with something better & you have an answer..They no longer LOVE & Cherish Freedom above themselves ..Only we who are left do..

  23. nobodyNo Gravatar Says:

    the past election says it all people vote their stomach..

  24. christineNo Gravatar Says:

    If you really want to get national attention and immediate results, the American public needs to stop paying their bank debts. If this is done as a movement and marketed at such, it would eventually bring the banking establishment to its knees with appropriate political attention. Virtually everyone has been affected by the recession and a gathering momentum of defaulting customers, on a deliberate path, will get the message across. This would cut across political party and idealogical lines and could initiate some of the other things you have mentioned. I suggest reaching out to all the websites devoted to individuals in foreclosure or other financial stress and start organizing and strategy and a date by which this will happen. Many people are going that way anyway but under the auspices of an organized, grass roots front, it will get the larger message out there with perhaps some eventual favorable results.

  25. Quahadi HillNo Gravatar Says:

    I am not antisematic, but I am anti zionist. They are the total problem in the entire world. They control the Fed and all central banks. The USA sends ten million dollars per day to zionist in Palestine. A large number of the congress are zionist. Obama`s cabinet is zionist. They are money changers. Jesus Christ threw them out once. We need to do it again.

  26. Jeff McQueenNo Gravatar Says:

    Looks like you got your wish on the flag. Check out my website. I took this flag to our Tax Day Tea party at our state’s Capitol (Lansing, Michigan). launched my website on June 11, 2009 and in 14 days I had orders from all 50 states . . .

    Jeff McQueen

  27. James OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    Good work. These flags are hard to find that cheap.

  28. PatriotNo Gravatar Says:

    Attention anyone who reads this: SPREAD IT TO YOUR FRIENDS. Finally an objective article that doesn’t come off as crazy conspiracy theory. Incredible.

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    Great article-make sure those Betsy Ross flags are MADE IN USA!

  31. Thomas JeffersonNo Gravatar Says:

    the thing to do here in this centruy is to burn it all down, and start a revolution. And the American working force that is out of work and their children in the armed forces will ban together and stop any out side interference from the legislatures, and elected. The domestic threat is the government and by the constitution illegal and therefore needs to be removed by the people, The military is at our disposal not theirs, We will be true to watch during our revolt of oustide forces ie the un, china, and all others to hold them at bay until the people correct the Rebublic Nation from with in…… and I thank you..

  32. jon damonNo Gravatar Says:

    Im a contractor in California and i support this movement 100%. I feel more informed from this artical and want to make a difference. As a small biz owner i am inferiated at the way things are going. I feel that we need to stop trying to achive the so called (AMERICAN DREAM) the one the media feeds us, Money,Fame and Power and get so cought up in our day to day lives, that we dont see whats happening to our country. We have been told to just live our lives and keep up with the Joans’es and forgoten that we are the ones who run this government. Turn off your T.V.s and stop trying to out do your nighbors and see what is realy going on, you will be appauled. {Succsess is what you make it not what you are told it is}.Revolution is a must. PS where do i get one of those flags.

  33. James OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks Jon.

    This week I publish a book that takes this plan to a whole different level. Stay tuned.

    We don’t sell the flags here but they should be available on the web.

  34. JSHNo Gravatar Says:

    The problem with most of the posters and the idea of this website is that in order to thrive tomorrow we need to reform our system not go back to some 18th or 19th century way of thinking. The solutions of tomorrow are not to be found in the past. We need a parliamentarian system and we need to be able to quash those that seek to promote their individual well being ahead of all else. Individualism is killing this country. We have no collective identity. I fear for the fools who think that their squirrel guns are going to stop a organized and trained army. It is not 1776 and partisan fighters will do nothing but loose if a shooting war starts.

  35. jon damonNo Gravatar Says:

    Dear JSH, Reform is the same dirty word our government has been using for the last 50 years and we have seen how well thats going! This idea is not about reverting to an 18th century form of government, its about replacing what is obviously not working, with the principals and ideas of the past that did. A seat of government shoud be as it was intended to serve the people as a public service and that is all, not a means of gaing power and fortune. Individualism is not what is killing this country, complacency is, we are all individuals responsable to one another for the mess we have alowed to continue. and thats what needs to stop. We all have the freedom of our own individual opinuions and thats what makes this country great. The more individual responsability we have for ourselves the beter we can work together as a country. We need to stop alowing the government to tell us how to live and and what is good for us and do it for ourselves then we might not keep lossing our freedoms as we are today.

  36. James OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    A 50 caliber machine gun might stop a tank though.

  37. Michael RebmannNo Gravatar Says:

    JSH, to put it simply. If individuals are not allowed to take care of themselves, they are no good to others.

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  41. James FogoNo Gravatar Says:

    All these concepts are very good and, I believe, necessary, however there is one very important flaw in the whole thing. The thought that we can fix everything in this country through the realization of these goals is short=sighted. After we accomplish this, the entirety of the world would be opposing it, because the entirety of the world is operating on the very system that is currently in place. As you say, it is not the Democrats or the Republicans or any of the Presidents. What it is is multi-national corporations and financial structures…. It is GLOBAL. We can’t simply rectify it here in this country. We have to completely destroy the structure of the entire world system. This cannot be accomplished in any way, shape, or form unless we absolutely and positively cease to support that system. We would have to start growing ALL of our own food, living in COMPLETELY self-sustaining communities, etc., AND then, have a self-protecting method that would protect us from being invaded by the GLOBAL system that would strip everything we have in self=sustainability infrastructure from us. How would we accomplish THAT???

  42. A Tea Party Manifesto: Wingnut Contract on America « Liberaltea Says:

    [...] Read the speech at • Tape this sheet to your refrigerator • DO [...]

  43. BDNo Gravatar Says:

    very informational. posted on face book an myspace in the hopes a few more ppl will understand what needs to happen. its time for change

  44. Change the WorldNo Gravatar Says:

    This is great. I see that this will work. To those that have doubts, I say, you have to start somewhere and starting something is always small until others catch a vision of it. I think that most of what is posted here in support of this article is that, we need our people to understand what is going on and make informed decisions about it. If you know what is happening then you will most likely choose what is supported here on this site. RESTORING THE REPUBLIC is supporting our freedom to have a mom and pop business, without the oppression from large monopolies, and land that will not be taken away from our family through taxes and taxes and taxes. We are now just renting our lands and homes from the Federal Government. They give us tax breaks to buy a house, so we buy, but it is still more economical to rent, in the present. I will explain if someone doesn’t believe me. If they took away taxes on property that we own, more would buy and hold for the long run and could give something to their posterity which would stabilize local economies which would lend itself to a stabilization of states, eventually the US and the WORLD because we would begin producing more instead of consuming. As of now we are a snake that has consumed all resources provided and now without food, have begun swallowing our tales and are up to our necks, no resources left internal. What now?

  45. James FogoNo Gravatar Says:

    I reiterate, the best method of breaking the backs of the global corporate structure is to not buy anything. Period.

    No one will accomplish a thing through a revolution… it would be like taking a cap pistol to a cannon fight.

    No one will accomplish a thing by buying a flag at WalMart.

    And no one will accomplish a thing by equating us to the proletariat and the corporations to the bourgeois.

    The time is right only for evolution, not revolution. Instead of puffing up the chest, shouting, and scratching a line in the poisoned soil in which we are forced to eat our genetically modified food from, we must simply remove ourselves from their presence, go to a place that is safe from all the antler rattling and live our lives without them.

    They (structures of control) will simply cease to exist when we actually stop playing their silly, stupid little games of power and simply ignore the little bastards.

  46. James OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    How did you post here without buying anything?

  47. James FogoNo Gravatar Says:

    I bought this silly little computer before the most recent economic developments started taking shape in the past 2 and a half years ago or so (before I opened my yees to the vast evilness of the current societal system)…. Now I live in a little cabin completely off the grid, with solar power, growing, foraging, and hunting my own food (with the occasional exception of buying a locally brewed beer)…..
    Which reminds me to point out that, no, we can’t totally not buy anything, but we can reintegrate the barter system into our lives for a local economic strategy…. The government would really hate to see that happen… Government is the institution that forced the people of this country to abandon bartering…. harrah for big business and taxation.
    So I modify my statement… Buy nothing unless you can do it locally, with locally beneficial currency/bartering…. Period. I do wonder if there are enough people willing to eliminate the trip to the grocery store, WallyWorld, etc., to make the current system powerless…..But, hey!!! Gotta start somewhere, doing something….
    And, thanks, Mr. Ostrowski for pointing out the need for clarity.

  48. James OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    A pure barter economy would impoverish us, no?

  49. James FogoNo Gravatar Says:

    Define impoverish… Do we do well with all the trapping of our culture, or are we enslaved to the almighty dollar to get all those things. Do we buy all these trappings so we can escape into our homes at the end of a days work and avoid contact with our neighbors. Do we really have a life worth celebrating if we give somewhere around 35 percent of our gross wages to the taxman, another 10 to 15 percent to the mortgage, another few hundred or thousnad dollars to the insurance companies.
    Bottom line for me… How free am I? That is what determines for me whether I am empoverished or not.

  50. James OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    If I want to rent an RV to take my family across country, do I need to find someone who wants 500 of my books? Yikes.

    Money is not the problem, government is the problem because no one has ever figured out how to keep it from becoming a glorified criminal gang.

    The Founding Fathers gave it the best shot ever and came up short.

  51. James FogoNo Gravatar Says:

    Well, James, I hope you have more to offer than a book collection.
    Peace be with you.

  52. Jim OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    I could teach your kids how to win a free-throw shooting contest.

  53. James FogoNo Gravatar Says:

    Hey!!! That would be fantastic. To the best of my recollections, they were not all that great at free-throws. They do excel at other things, though. Maybe my older son could teach you how to keep that RV running, and my younger son could adjust your back for you after you have to hoist the transmission out from under the rig…. Great chatting with you, James.

  54. Jim OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    I spent way too much time shooting baskets in my youth.

    Stop back any time and take no prisoners.

    We love a good scrap.

  55. A quick look at the American Revolution Says:

    [...] quick look at the American Revolution Stolen from; How We Can Win the Second American Revolution Without Firing a Shot | Political Class Dismissed England needed money for war. They taxed the Colonists. The Colonists didnt want to pay. [...]

  56. Burt VincentNo Gravatar Says:

    I have a battle we can win. We have caught police fabricating evidence in persuit of a misdemeanor. Irrefutable hard evidence they did it and through perjury, “testilying”, implicated other police and agencies. We need to get a civil suit in front of a jury in Federal Court. We are looking for a lawyer to take the case on contingency. Finding a lawyer who isn’t a member of the tyrannanical system has thus far proven impossible. Does anyone have a suggestion. Any awards beyond our losses and expenses would be donated to freedoms cause.

  57. James OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    Burt, lawsuits are INDIRECT CITIZEN ACTION. They involve relying on a member of the ruling class to side with you.

    Direct action is better.

  58. USRevolution2No Gravatar Says:

    Our flag is still spreading and on FOX News now, nearly every night.

    Jeff McQueen
    President & Founder

    Check out our networking site at

  59. James OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    Great! Send me a banner ad and I will post it on the sites I control.

  60. TREXNo Gravatar Says:

    If you preach not to fire a shot then you are as good as the enemy in my camp! The Liberty Tree is watered with the blood of Patriots not pansies! LOCK N LOAD MEN!

  61. TREXNo Gravatar Says:

    I smell the Kosher Mafia behind this site!

  62. James OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    Have you read the book?

    Why would you shoot people if it was unnecessary?

    Are your kids in a government school?

    Ideas are bulletproof. Our problem is the prevalence of bad ideas.

  63. James OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    I smell agitprop from you.

  64. James FogoNo Gravatar Says:

    The current mindset of culture, as with the cultural mindset of the past few thousands of years, i.e, take what you can get by any means possible, has gotten us to this place where nations don’t even attempt to communicate with each other unless they add conversation about how to squash their adversary. This, of course, prompts the adversary to respond in like kind…… The people learn from the examples set by their leaders. Case in point: Now The Tea Party is trying to promote the development of State Militias??????? And with comments like “LOCK N LOAD MEN”……… I say go piss up a rope, it’ll do you as much good pointing your gun at a military machine…. When will we all learn that words of violence become deeds of violence, and the end result is only more violence and repression….. I say confuse the powerful and simply ignore them. Stop abiding by them, and by all means do what in necessary to render them powerless through non-support.
    Trying to blow them up or kill them will only get you dead and get your children and grandchildren even more squelched than you/we are right now.
    Ignore the bastards, and do what you can to make your life your own.

  65. James FogoNo Gravatar Says:

    Here’s a thought…. not necessarily saying it’s an excellent one, but…..
    Imagine what would transpire if all of us stopped paying our taxes. What would the government do? Would they lock us all up? Where would they get the money to support that system of imprisonment?
    Imagine we all stopped paying our taxes and lived in communities where we grew our own food, made our own clothes, etc.? Where would the corporations get the money to continue buying our ignorant, corrupted, and room-temperature-IQed politicians?
    How much power over us would the government and the corporations have when they could not support their own regimes?

  66. James OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:

    James, read my book please. It’s only six bucks.

    I provide peaceful and legal means to achieve liberty. Why use violence or break the law when you don’t have to?

    Are your kids in a socialist school?

  67. Walt WillisNo Gravatar Says:

    Very good job!
    Thank you for your insight…

  68. GeorgeNo Gravatar Says:

    Nice thoughts, but there will be no bloodless revolution. 10% are ready for radical change and 90% are not. Certainly the odds don’t favor the 10%, but if we wait for those numbers to flip, we’ll be waiting a very long time. Someone has to take the first bullet. Will it be me? No! But that doesn’t change the fact that without someone stepping up and taking the hit, the oppression will continue. Those in power aren’t just going to wake up one day and say OK, it was a good run, we stole as much as we could, but now it’s over. They won’t go without a fight.

  69. Dean D. CampNo Gravatar Says:

    The purpose of government is a subjective value expressed by the people who are in the social group. You have stated: “Republican government exists to protect private property.” Unless you are a descendant of one of the Robber Barons, then you would be as poor as everyone else right now because they would have had their property protected from Trust-Busting by T. Roosevelt and later violations of private property by FDR’s New Deal.
    My speculation is that you have property and an ability to survive right now. You are probably not a descendent of a Robber Barron and are ungrateful for the private property violations of the New Deal which have provided you with the property you have right now.
    America has changed since the first Revolution. Most Americans do not have property now, and have not had such since Americans left rural American family farming for economic urban jobs. If you want to see what protecting private property looks like, then go to Chile, Columbia, and some other 3rd world country that protects its Superclass’s private property.
    A more effective societal value would be Utilitarianism’s” “Doing what is best for the most.” But I speculate you disagree because you have property and either believe that the majority of disenfranchised-poor Americans should work/starve/die rather than that you should have your property taken from you to feed them, some of whom are lazy and exploit the welfare state like parasites sucking blood.
    My second and last criticism of this plan is the ability for States to leave the Union. The Articles of Confederation failed to prevent the States from entering into Mercantilism policies that were trade wars using currency manipulations. Allowing States to leave the Union does not solve any problems and does increase problems because (A) it makes the U.S. weaker as a whole, and (B) it increases the chances that States will enter into detrimental trade wars and currency wars.

  70. James OstrowskiNo Gravatar Says:


    The robber barons were neither robbers nor barons. Execpt those who used politics to get rich. You need to study the history of antitrust. Like most American “history,” it’s bullshit.

    If a state can’t leave the union, they become like a battered wife in the old days when you couldn’t get a divorce. The rationale for a national market failed. The federal government has imposed a dizzying number of regulations that are contrary to free trade. Small states tend to be for free trade because they must be.

    On TR and antitrust, start here:

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