Warren Redlich for Governor

Prominent Albany lawyer Warren Redlich is considering a run for NY governor next year. Warren, who was my co-counsel for Ron Paul in 2008, would run as both a Republican and Libertarian. That would give him a critical second line should he win the Rep. primary. That would make him competitive with the establishment whores who purchase their minor lines strictly for cash. Warren gets his on principle.

Now, Warren, like Ron Paul, will be the underdog for the GOP nomination. But I will say the same thing I said then about Ron, which, though he did not prevail, turned out to be true. Warren would be a real contender for the nomination.

Why? Because people will be looking for a real change next year. And same old, same old, Rick Lazio, isn’t it. Nor is Rockefeller Republican Chris Collins. If Warren can get the tea party and Ron Paul people to rally behind him, he can win.

(BTW, most people thought Ron’s campaign would be a joke. I did not and was one of the first to say so. Remember, he finished 3 little points behind the eventual nominee in Iowa. Ron then got smeared by the neocons just before NH and also had a less than sublime campaign operation. Just defending my predictions here.)

11 thoughts on “Warren Redlich for Governor”

  1. Hey now Jim . . . you saying that ericsundwall.com is not a blog ?

    Heh heh . . . good news all around I say. I’m doing everything in my power to keep my wife away from Warren’s so he doesn’t change his mind.

  2. Okay, so we were second. Darn! (I did a google search before I wrote that.)

    But wait, since was your darn idea, maybe we were first to report it. (Always the lawyer.)

  3. Warren

    Take a look at your copy of the NYS budget under account # 9030.8, the line item expense for paying an excise tax to the United States (federal government). That’s right, New York and the other 49 sister Union States are all paying an excise tax to the federal government; that my friend is tax money paying taxes. But the real coup de grace id the Union State Sovereigns are paying excise (privilege) taxes to the Sovereign United States, the Sovereign entity created by the Sovereign Union States and their Sovereign Citizens. Aside from the unnatural idea of a Creator paying homage to its creation, the idea of a sovereign taxing another sovereign is not only an oxymoron, it is a logical, linguistic, and political absurdity. The phrase itself in self-contradicting, simply by the mere fact that the act, in and of itself, transforms the tax paying entity into servitude and thus destroying any and all elements of sovereignty in its character nullifying the phrase in its entirety.

    I have a book titled “The Reformation of Union State Sovereignty” in the final stages of editing by a SUNY English professor. In it the analysis of the elements expressed in the above paragraph are laid bare in infinite detail. You want to “Stop Wasting Money,” Once Sovereignty is re-established, I show how you can instantly cut 20% out of each Union State’s budget without eliminating one bureaucratic position, eliminate the federal income tax in ALL Union State territory, repatriated the Union State Citizens back to their Sovereign status, Repatriated the National Guard as the Union State Guard, re-establish extradition procedures between the Union State and the United States, make the application of federal law within the Union State borders a crime against the Union State, and more. The first principle character of a sovereign is the sovereign must act like a sovereign, do everything in its power to protect it sovereignty, and prosecute any and all attempts to dilute or breach said sovereignty. It will probably be another three of four weeks before the book hits the streets. If you think that having a digital version of the manuscript might help your campaign, I’d be glad to furnish you with a copy. I like what you’re doing but without restoring the sovereignty of the Union States we will be strapped with the federal debt, and under global control before we know what hit us. The Union States that think their 10th Amendment Resolutions are going to carry the day for the restoration of Union State sovereignty are either very naïve or are subversives sent here to misdirect our political actions.

    We have been invaded by two Trojan Horses; one is labeled Democrats but when fully exposed is really socialism, and the other is labeled Republicans which when exposed is really international corporate fascism.

    A peaceful solution rests on the existence of an armed citizenry. Armed insurgents SWAT teams only want to fire on people who can’t shoot back.

    Cheers, Ken Creamer


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