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Obama: Trying to Prevent the Great Depression in Big Government

Buffalopundit tries on his blog today to convince his readers that Obama is Trying to Prevent a Depression. His only defense though is by the way of perpetuating the Big Lies of the current administration, (some of the same old big lies of the Bush administration) that “the only real option available in the current crisis” is “Keynesian spending”, that “most economists agree” it “is the only way you halt or slow the downward depression spiral throughout the economy” and that “if people aren’t spending money, someone [The government] has to, else we have a catastrophe.”

No doubt I can agree with Alan on his pointing out the hypocrisy of the big spending Republicans in the past 8 years and their support of Bush’s Keynesian stimulus plan, but he conveniently leaves out the substantial contributions of the Democrats to the economic collapse. Why?

As far as the current so-called stimulus plan goes, the only difference between the Keynesian Democrats and a Keynesian Republicans is that the Republicans want less Keynesianism instead of more and they want to halt the far left’s most insane socialist schemes in the plan. Alan says “they’re balking, picking nits at a minute percentage of the stimulus bill, claiming that certain items are “pork” or “waste”.” I say that all the spending in the bill is “pork” and “waste”, and the politicians now selectively use the word “stimulus” as a new Orwellian synonym for the “pork” and “waste” they like— effectively confounding the proles and making the greatest single heist of the 21st Century that more palatable.

Contrary to all the big lies of neocon and progressive economic stimulators, there is an alternative to the guaranteed failure of the crackpot economics of Keynesian pump priming. The MSM and other statists would rather let it rot down the memory hole because if enacted it would cause a Great Depression in Big Government—a depression they can’t tolerate, a depression that would benefit the rest of us immensely. We can learn this from America’s Greatest Depression Fighter President of the 20th Century.

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