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The War on Drugs Is a War on You

My latest article is live at Campaign for Liberty -”The War on Drugs is a War on You

Here’s an excerpt:

The drug war is based on a repugnant assertion: that you do not have ownership over your own body; that you don’t have the right to decide what you’ll do with your body, with your property and with your life. The position of the drug warriors is that you should be in jail if you decide to do something with your body that they don’t approve of.

This is an abomination of everything that America is supposed to stand for. As long as this country continues the drug war, you are not free. At the root, then, those that force the drug war on you are enemies to your freedom.

If you are concerned at all about liberty, the economy, the Constitution and the power of the Federal Government — you cannot ignore the US government’s longest and most costly “war” — the War on Drugs.

An Introduction and a Thank You

I thought I’d write a quick first post as a short introduction of myself.  But first, I’d like to thank both Patrick and James for giving me the opportunity to voice my very opinionated thoughts on this blog.

It’s my hope that more and more people speaking out against injustice at every turn will help turn the tide for liberty – and against state control of virtually every phase of our lives. Continue reading

Entrepreneurs for Liberty

That’s what the authors of PCD are. Call us what you will: libertarians, paleolibertarians, paleoconservatives, constitutionalists, traditional conservatives, individualists, anti-statists, anti-globalists, classical liberals, etc. But, ultimately, we’re entrepreneurs for liberty in the marketplace of ideas. We will use our creative minds to market liberty and freedom in opposition to the mainstream statist opinions of the day. In a time when our nation is descending further and further into the type of tyrannical government* our Founders declared independence from, we will use our words and nonviolent actions to challenge the establishment consensus. It might get worse before it gets better but we won’t quit. And we will win because, eventually, freedom always does.

*And this is not just because of Obama … our descent began a long time ago and Barry, as I like to call him, is just the latest in a long line of figureheads for our power grabbing political class.

Liberals usually love democracy…

…but now a few seem to be waking up to the dangers of the “tyranny of the majority.” Could this be the start of liberals questioning their longheld religious worship of democracy?

Minorities fear trend from California gay marriage ban

California’s gay marriage ban could open the door to legal discrimination against unpopular groups if the state Supreme Court allows the voter-approved measure to stand, blacks, Latinos, Asians and other minorities said.

Wait a second … “open the door to legal discrimination against unpopular groups” … unpopular groups like rich people? Isn’t that what Barry based his entire campaign on? Barry promised to take money away from the more productive sector of society and give it to the less productive. That’s a pretty good example of legal discrimination. You see, kiddos, you either believe in liberty for all (and that includes economic liberty) or you simply don’t believe in liberty. It’s not a pick and choose buffet. Continue reading