Next direct action events:
September 2nd, 6pm, Town Hall Meeting, East Aurora,

September 5th, noon, Rally Against Obama's Democrat Wars,
noon at Bidwell & Elmwood, Buffalo.

Sign ideas:
War is just another failed government program.
War is the health of the state.
War is the price we pay for taxation.

Below is the plan that will lead us to victory.

Read the 12 Point Plan here.

Print the 12 point plan flier (PDF)

Read the speech that explains the plan: How to Win the Second American revolution Without Firing a Shot


Buffalo Tea Party 28
Niagara Square / Club W. : 4.18.09

Links for the 12 Point Plan for Victory

Pledge allegiance to the principles of the American Revolution


I pledge allegiance to the principles of the American Revolution, stated by Jefferson, and for which the Minute Men and Washington's Army fought: that government's only purpose is to protect our natural rights to life, liberty, and property; that any government that does "more" than protect our natural rights must thereby violate those same rights and become a tyranny that the people have the right to alter or abolish. I pledge to resist that tyranny by peaceful means if at all possible.

Educate yourself on American history, politics and economics.

American History

History: The Struggle for Liberty
The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History: Lecture Series
The Truth About American History: An Austro-Jeffersonian Perspective
Crisis and Liberty: The Expansion of Government Power in American History
Conceived in Liberty


Democracy: How the Game Has Been Stacked Against You


Economics in Five Lessons
Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve
The Gold Standard Revisited

War and Peace

The Costs of War
How Wars Endanger American Liberty
Prosperity, War and Depression


Patronize businesses that display this flag.

[Stay tuned for a nationwide list by zip code.]

Display the symbol of the restoration of the republic, the Betsy Ross flag.

Restore the Republic!

Boycott businesses that bankroll the political class.

[Stay tuned for a nationwide list.]

New York

Erie County

The Buffalo Sabres
(Their owner Tom Golisano gave $300,000 to help re-elect life-long machine politician Bill Stachowski, who then cast the key vote to increase the state budget by $12,000,000,000.00. Thanks Tom!)

Firm/Owner City/Town Donations Tom Golisano (Buffalo Sabres) Buffalo $300,000 est. Dr. Kevin Cichocki, Chiropractor Depew $7,525 Connors & Vilardo, attys. Buffalo $9,158 Premier Wines Tonawanda $7,650 Phillips Lytle, attorneys Buffalo $197,279 Cellino & Barnes, attorneys Buffalo $22,660 Eugene Vukelic (Try-It Distributing) Lancaster $40,750 Louis P. Ciminelli Construction Buffalo $57,569 Paul Snyder (Hyatt Hotel) Buffalo $11,500 Hodgson Russ, attorneys Buffalo $128,239 Robert M. Chur (Elderwood Senior Care) Williamsville $92,020 Search by zip code for local businesses and individuals who bankroll the political class.
Federal Campaigns

State Campaigns
Nationwide Zip Code Search
(type in your zip code, then click on the year you want)

New York
[more states coming soon]

  • Educate yourself on the rights of jurors.

  • Fully Informed Jury Association
  • What's Wrong With Juries
  • The Rise and Fall of Jury Nullification
  • Patronize books, blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, think tanks, and political groups that were right about the economic collapse.


    Ilana Mercer


    Broad Sides: One Woman's Clash with a Corrupt Culture




    Think Tanks

    Mises Institute
    Independent Institute
    Free New York

    For political activism, join an existing Patriot group


    Campaign for Liberty An educational and lobbying group founded by Ron Paul. Note: They do not support or endorse candidates.


    New York

    Primary Challenge PC helps independent newcomers run for office.
    Free New York A nonpartisan Jeffersonian think tank serving New York and the nation.
    Tea New York A citizen action organization founded by Rus Thompson.

    Follow this website for continuing developments: PoliticalClassDismissed.com